The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program: Ongoing Program Evaluation

In 1999, an evaluation was done of the Narconon program at two Narconon facilities in the United States. These facilities were located in Los Angeles, California, and Chilocco, Oklahoma. This ongoing evaluation was aimed at both monitoring some of the factors involved in delivery of the Narconon program and at assessing the long term results of this comprehensive socio-educational approach.

The purpose of this evaluation was three-fold:

  1. The first goal of this evaluation was to monitor ongoing delivery to the clients at both Narconon facilities. Daily and weekly reports provided information on each client on the program. This ongoing evaluation afforded a detailed picture of what it takes to deliver rehabilitation service to hard core drug addicts.
  2. The second goal of this study was to evaluate the success of the Narconon program in retaining clients through the full treatment regimen.
  3. The third goal of this study was to assess the long term efficacy of the Narconon program. Efficacy measures included ability to stay off of drugs, criminal behavior and educational or career progress.

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