Narconon South Africa

With increasing demand for workable drug rehabilitation methods a Narconon® center has opened in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Narconon New Zealand

In 1997, Narconon Aotearoa (Maori for New Zealand) began full Narconon program delivery in facilities donated by the indigenous Maori community which, like the native populations of other countries, suffers heavily from alcohol and other drug abuse.

Narconon Latin & South America

In 1996, Narconon Colombia officially began full Narconon program delivery in a center on the outskirts of Santa Fe de Bogotá.

Narconon Mexico in Queretero, north of Mexico City, opened its doors for full delivery in March of 1998.

Narconon Brazil staff have begun extensive drug education delivery (particularly in the populous Sao Paulo area, which also has a high crime and homacide rate from drug abuse). They also have begun training professional staff of other centers in the specifics of the Narconon program methodology. Narconon Argentina has been delivering drug education lectures and airing regular radio drug education in the Buenos Aires area since 1997.

Narconon Italy

Italy boasts more Narconon centers than any other country in the world. Nearly 4,000 students have completed the full Narconon program in Italy since the first Narconon center opened in the Lombardy region in 1981. The staff have also distributed tens of thousands of drug education booklets nationwide as a public service to their communities.

In the last few years several Narconon centers have combined and moved into spacious, beautiful facilities in the countryside. The current Narconon Centers are: in the Calabria region, Narconon Il Falco, Narconon La Fenice and Narconon Albatros; in Puglia, Narconon Il Gabbiano; in Marche, Narconon Astore and Narconon Alfiere; and in Sicily, Narconon Grifone.

As many other Narconon areas are doing, Narconon Italy has launched a massive national drug education campaign. In Italy, they have published a series of drug education booklets with key knowledge regarding drugs and their effects on the mind, how to talk to your kids about drugs, nutritional aids to withdrawal, the dangers of substitute drugs, etc. These have been distributed broadly to government officials, the armed forces, media, schools, mayors, etc. The result has been an upswing in large drug education events, where towns band together to create community events, delivery of drug education to personnel on military bases, and so forth. Hopefully, this is evidence of a long-range educational campaign that will be continued until it dramatically reduces drug use among Italian youth and young adults. 

Narconon Holland

Narconon Holland was first opened in a hotel in Amsterdam. It expanded throughout the years to its present country quarters in eastern Holland, Narconon Zutphen. Students from throughout Europe have attended and graduated from Narconon Zutphen. The center, which recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary, has received long-term charitable support for its scholarship program from a nearby Catholic convent and other community members interested in drug rehabilitation.