Narconon United Kingdom

Narconon UK has been a registered charity since 1975. It has delivered drug education programs nationally since that time, from Bournemouth on the southern coast to Manchester, England and Scotland in the North.

As a result of its proven long-term success, Narconon UK has also received social service funding from England’s health care system. It is currently in the process of opening a new residential treatment center, and helping to open centers in Ireland and Scotland. They have also been running a program in the prison system and have trained prisoners in drug education. There are several Narconon® drug education centers throughout the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Narconon Taiwan

A Narconon® program was implemented in Taipei Jail with the cooperation and support of the government and Buddhist community. Because of its success with the incarcerated heroin addicts, other applications of Narconon methodology in Taiwan have been planned. Teachers throughout the nation are being trained in Narconon drug education methods and national, regional, and local events have been mounted as part of a joint venture with the government to vastly increase drug education. Additionally, Narconon staff are working together with Buddhist and other social benefit organizations to open a network of rehabilitation centers for adults, youth, recently released prison inmates, etc., utilizing vacant temple properties, etc. 

Narconon Switzerland

The beautiful Narconon Romandie has been located since 1988 in an Alpine village in Switzerland’s French region. Narconon Deutschschweitz opened in the German region of Switzerland in 1992. The Swiss Narconon centers receive 100 percent government funding for their students’ programs.

Narconon Sweden

In 1972, Stig Bjork, a worker in Stockholm’s Central Children’s Nursery, opened the first Narconon® center, using, in his enthusiasm, his own apartment. Delivery expansion caused several moves and they finally settled in the beautiful Narconon Huddinge facilities, which has warm support from its community and county. It has continued steady delivery from this location up to the present. In 1982, Narconon Eslov opened outside the town of Malmo in southern Sweden and Narconon Knutby outside Uppsala north of Stockholm in 1990. The Swedish residential Narconon centers are licensed by their various County Boards and are fully funded by local Communes (local administrative districts).

Narconon Sweden has done extensive public drug education nationally and, from its national administrative office, has helped disseminate information about the Narconon treatment program throughout Europe. Narconon Gothenburg and Narconon Vasteras are dedicated directly to drug education service.

Narconon Sweden recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Staff were commended by Members of Parliament and other officials from around the country, including police executives with whom Narconon Sweden staff have worked for many years.

Narconon Sweden has also had several studies done of Narconon program’s statistical rate of success (“drug-free two years after completion of the program”). In addition to the evaluation conducted by social worker, Peter Gerdman, in 1981, which showed the remarkable success percentage of 78 percent, a study completed in the early 1990s investigated further results of the Narconon program and reported that “good family relations” improved from 41 percent prior to Narconon to 94 percent afterwards. Prior to program entrance, 87 percent of the Swedish students reported criminal histories, but 2 years after Narconon this had diminished to only 22 percent.

In 1997, Narconon Sweden helped Narconon Norway, where only drug education services had been delivered, begin preparations for a full rehabilitation center in Oslo. Additionally, drug education lectures have been delivered for years throughout Sweden by Narconon staff who often are working directly in league with local police and other community agencies.

Narconon Sweden and Narconon International together hosted the 2nd International Conference on Human Detoxification in Stockholm in 1997. Included among the keynote and other speakers were research scientists and others from the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. Subjects discussed and debated included designer drugs in Europe and detoxification from drugs (and radioactive elements) through Mr. Hubbard’s sauna protocol.

Narconon Spain

Narconon Los Molinos, in the mountains just west of Madrid, occupies a large country chalet and can accommodate 30 students. It opened in 1983, along with Narconon Retiro (student capacity 25) and the elegant Narconon Mediterraneo, shown above (student capacity 60), two facilities that expanded their quarters and moved to the southern region of Andalusia. Spanish Narconon staff and program graduates in the form of the Friends of Narconon Association along with graduates’ parents in the Narconon Parents Association are working vigorously in national drug education and prevention campaigns.