Why It’s Important to Build Relationships During Rehab

building relationshipsBy the time those who are abusing drugs or alcohol arrive in rehab, most if not all of them have managed to alienate their family and friends, other people they have come in contact with, and have totally lost their life as they lived it before drugs and alcohol.  In coming to rehab, they are seeking to begin a new life without drugs.  A major part of that new life will be new relationships with others who are also drug-free.

A relationship is the way in which two or more people or groups behave toward, and are involved with each other.  Life is lived by many people, and relationships are one of the most vital and important parts of living.  Relationships span a spectrum of closeness and intimacy, from those lasting a lifetime at one end of the spectrum, to those brief encounters with another person, which become a part of your life experience.  Across that spectrum from lifelong closeness at one end, to the brief interactions at the other end, lie the myriad of degrees of involvement, which are the make-up of life.  It is through our relationships with friends and family, our co-workers, our teammates, our groups, our nation and our world, that we define our lives.

And it is relationships, which are the substance of our in-life experience and memories.

Relationships During Treatment

The treatment process is one area that can allow a person to build these healthy relationships and gain a group of drug free friends. This is one of the skill builders learned through Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation center. Clients are offered a unique opportunity for an addict or abuser of drugs or alcohol to build new relationships with others who share the same purpose and goal of achieving sobriety, and living a new drug-free life.

As one graduate of the Narconon program wrote about their experience:

“I have so many favorite moments and memories but the lasting ones are from the friends and relationships that were established with the people I went through the program with. The laughter, the long talks and things we did were real and full of life without drugs. Undoubtedly the best times of my life…. The program is unlike any other as we know but because I was given the chance to work there and have a career, that alone makes Narconon absolutely unique. 

Helping someone else who is hurting, confused, stuck and hopeless is a great, humbling experience. I was able to truly help because I could relate and that is the only thing I can say was ever good about my drug use. Narconon helped me turn something devastating and bad into something rewarding and positive. Even today, nearly 14 years later, I am always excited about being called to help. I still get opportunities from people who need assistance on how to help their child or friend to find a way out or a life without addiction and that’s a great feeling. Without Narconon and the training I received as a Staff member I would not be as strong as I am today nor would I be able to help others in such an effective way.”

Narconon Arrowhead delivers a highly successful alternative program, which includes a completely natural program with no drug substitution. The New-Life Detoxification Program which rids the body of drug toxins helps in eliminating drug cravings, and a full Life Skills Program which repairs the past, develops honesty, integrity and purpose, and prepares the person to live a successful, drug-free life.  Due to the nature of the rehabilitation program itself, there is a unique and very special opportunity for both students on the rehab program and the staff to work together closely, with much one-on-one care and attention.  There is also the opportunity to experience the cherished rewards of helping and taking responsibility for the well-being and success of another, and others.  And in those shared experiences on the road to a drug-free life are born the treasured relationships that will last a lifetime.

The center’s results have recently been documented in a press release: Narconon Arrowhead Releases Outcome Monitoring Reports.