Why Drug Use Pulls Down The Whole Family

Older woman cryingThe family is the first group you belong to when you start your life. It is a small group, designed to be closely-knit and self-supporting so that children have a safe place to grow-up, and other family members have safe shelter from the storms of life. It is the combined efforts of the family that provide the wherewithal for all members to survive with a roof over the heads, and food on the table—the most basic economic unit of our society. It is where you begin learning how to get along with others, and experiencing life events that will sustain you with memories throughout a lifetime. Sadly, it is the family which suffers the most from the drug use by a family member.


The strength and harmony of a family depends in no small part on open and shared communication amongst its members. There is also a shared code of conduct governing behavior, rules which the family agrees should be followed by its members, and which serve as guidelines for them in their dealings with others and life.

Common to most families are the values of honesty, trustworthiness, and the time-honored Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Most families have shared religious beliefs, and family traditions that are uniquely their own. It is these qualities that protect and perpetuate the family, and enhance the survival of all its members.

And it is drug use that cuts to the very heart of a family, and is capable of destroying it.

What Drug Use Does to Families

Because it is a small, interdependent group with shared agreements, the conduct of each member of a family affects all the other members. When a member of the family is abusing drugs, whether it is a parent or a child, it will adversely affect each member, and lessen the overall survival of the family as a whole.

When a child is abusing drugs, the parents will worry constantly, and the worry will pull them down in such a way they feel they cannot move forward with their lives. There is fear for the drug user, not knowing if the police will come, or the hospital will call, or the coroner. There is fear of the dangers on the street, the danger of the drugs, the threat of arrest, the threat of overdose.

There is stealing from a person who grew-up learning that stealing was wrong. There are lies from a person who grew-up learning it was wrong to lie.
There is disrespect and perhaps violence from a person who was taught to honor his or her parents. It is the code of the family—the agreements—now broken day-in and day-out, over and over again, and each time weakening the strength of the very group that cares the most about the drug user. And it is the drug user who is now wreaking havoc on the economic survival and mental and spiritual well-being of those closest to him or her, and upon whose only hope for life is in their hands.

What The Mother of An Arrowhead Graduate Has to Say About What Drug Use Does to Families

In an interview done with the mother of a Narconon graduate named Wendy, she discusses how her son’s drug use affected her family. Wendy said that when her son was doing drugs it pulled down their entire family. It left the members of the family ‘pulled down’ all the time with their constant worry. And even though they were going through their life, going to work and living their lives on a daily basis the problem was always in the back of their mind.

With questions like, “is this going to be the day that the police come,” or “ is this going to be the day he goes to the hospital?” All that the family wants is for the user to be able to overcome his addiction and do well in life.

There is Hope

Before the drug user became what he or she is now due to substance abuse and the addict lifestyle, the person was his or her own true self—not the false and artificial personality created by drugs and drug use. With true rehabilitation comes a restoration of self, the desire and willingness to make-up the damage done to the family, and to earn their trust once again.

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