What Professionals Are Saying About Narconon Drug Education

“I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation. It was truly one of the most informative programs and a boost to the Boys & Girls Club. It’s people like you that make a difference in a child’s life.”
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay

“Mr. Wiggins was phenomenal in his approach to kids. He should be highly commended. The Narconon program is an excellent source of information and education for kids and their parents.”
James L. Mulcahey School

“This Truth about Drugs presentation was the best of many talks about drugs that I have heard over my 30+ years as a school counselor.”
Assistant Superintendent
Quabbin Regional School District

“After listening to the Narconon® lecture I know that drugs are not an answer to problems, they only make them worse in the long run.” – J.K

“Today I learned that drugs can ruin your life after one incident. They can’t solve any problem.” – J.H

“I learned a lot and it rnade me realize that I should never touch drugs or even think about it” – Alex