What Makes Narconon Rehab Different

narconon rehabAt times, it seems that the world is overwhelmed with drug abuse and addiction.  And because there are so many drug rehabs vying for the business of those in need, it can be difficult to choose the best rehab program. Families search desperately for a program that will actually save their loved one, break them free from the dwindling spiral of abuse and addiction, and give them an opportunity to once again live a drug-free life.   What should they be looking for as they search?

The Narconon Arrowhead Care Factor

According to the Urban Dictionary, care factor is a term associated with ones ability to care about a certain situation.  It’s one of those words that has become a part of our culture, and is loosely used to assign a value to the amount of care being demonstrated in an activity or endeavor by the people involved.

It is the care factor that is the lifeblood of a rehab, and one which can make the difference between failure and success, despair and happiness, and most important of all–the difference between the condemnation to a life of addiction, or the freedom of living drug-free.

One individual who experienced the incredible value of the high care factor given him by the staff of Narconon Arrowhead, located on beautiful Lake Eufaula in Canadian, Oklahoma, says it best:

“What really stuck out to me about the Narconon Arrowhead program in comparison to other drug rehabs was the “love” factor. You guys really care for me. I was here and decided to leave and when I realized that I had made a mistake I knew that I needed to come back here and finish my program. The other programs I went to didn’t have medical staff and it was so nice to have medical access here. The on-hands training was completely different for me and at other rehabs I didn’t learn about myself. They told me about myself. Going through the courses here I started to learn about me and realized what direction my life needed to go. I now feel like I am completely new. I have everything that I came here for and more. LRH was a genius. I don’t care what no one says about him. The way this program is set up is amazing. The location and the water is excellent. I love to look at the water.”   – D.C. Graduate Narconon Arrowhead

Understanding the Challenges of Addiction

Through a worldwide network of rehab centers, Narconon staff have been delivering the Narconon drug-free rehabilitation program for decades.  It’s uniquely personal approach to helping each individual, often one-on-one, to achieve understanding of self and life through the incomparable Life Skills program puts the Narconon rehab at the fore of the rehabilitation industry.

Through the Life Skills study of such vital subjects as communication, how to study, how to improve conditions in life, how to choose your people, an individual acquires the needed tools to use in life to live successfully, and remain sober.  And because many of the Narconon Arrowhead and other center staff members successfully graduated the program themselves, subsequently continued on to acquire the needed professional training, and themselves now work at the Narconon centers, helping others as they have been helped, is a care factor without equal.

They have an unequalled depth of empathy and understanding for the challenges of getting sober, and for the courage and persistence required to make it all the way to the goal of being drug-free.  That empathy and compassion and understanding of the staff, from the top of the organization down, and the uniquely successful program, are integral to that special care factor that makes Narconon rehab stick out in the field of drug rehabilitation.