What Is Lost With Prescription Drug Addiction

The mental and emotional toll addiction takes on an individual and a family is devastating. Here are some of the key things a person can lose when they end up trapped by addiction.

1.    Freedom-This is just someone’s physical freedom. Drugs trap an individual and they become unable to enjoy life without them. One addict describes prescription addiction as “a trap she could not get out of.”

2.    Respect-When an individual becomes addicted to drugs they tend to say or do things that are out of character. Many times the person ends up doing things that cause others to lose respect for them and for the person to lose respect for themselves.

3.    Family-An ex-addiction once said, “Through my addiction, I lost my family. And when you lose years and your kids are grown, you can’t get that time back.” Addiction creates a barrier between the addict and family members. Trust is broken that can take years to rebuild.

4.    Productivity- According to the National Institutes of Health alcohol and drug abuse cost the economy $246 billion. Productivity is not just lost in the workplace with addiction but in all areas of life.

5.    Home- A housewife that was hooked on prescriptions once said that her house was a mess, bills unpaid and her life was in shambles. This is when she realized she really needed to get help for her addiction. Once a person gets hooked all other responsibilities go down the drain.

6.    Self Respect-Many addicts will stop respecting themselves and others and choose drugs over everything else in life. It takes someone down a path they never thought they would go down.

7.    Friends-The people who care will eventually isolate the addicted person so that they are not negatively affected by the addiction anymore. One high school student reported he stopped spending time with his lifelong friend after the friend started smoking marijuana daily and stopped being interested in anything else. It is very difficult for a person to watch someone throw everything away in life that they would like to achieve.

8.    Dreams-These are goals for the future. What someone wants or strives to get. Drugs strip away goals and destroy dreams. Things that the individual sets out to achieve are put on hold or totally thrown away.

Prescription addiction causes loss not just for the addict but for friends, family, the community and society as a whole.

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