What Can Happen If You Don’t Get Addiction Help

helpFor those individuals unfortunate enough to begin using drugs and to walk the road of addiction and living the life of a drug addict, the future holds nothing except physical, mental and spiritual pain.  The quality of life she or she once had slips away, whether little by little with the continued abuse of drugs or alcohol, or in the instant of one dramatic life-changing event.  This downward spiral of addiction progresses to its inevitable consequences and its only three possible outcomes, that of death, prison, or sobriety. 

What Happens Without Rehab

The consequences to drug and alcohol addiction are severe.  As an addict continues to use his or her drug of choice, sacrificing personal integrity, personal relationships, familial relationships, likely losing his or her job and accumulated personal possessions or assets, the addict will inevitably feel guiltier and more depressed.  The use of the drugs themselves, the attendant losses of all that is important in life, the deteriorating physical and mental health consequent to drug use, and the hell-bent pursuit to get more drugs at any cost are the life of an addict.  These factors combine to be a source of more guilt and more depression, driving the person to use in an attempt to escape.  But there is no escape. It is a vicious cycle from which it can be almost impossible to break-free.

Beating Your Addiction Through Narconon

One person who did get help with their addiction at Narconon says it best:

I had to get help.

I am afraid to think what might of happened to me if I hadn’t found Narconon when I did. I know I would probably be 6 ft. under. It’s sad but true. I was so addicted to the high that drugs gave me, but at the same time I hated it. I tried so many things that I thought would help make me happy so that I wouldn’t want to do drugs anymore.

Nothing had worked. I decided I couldn’t quit on my own. I had to get help. That is when I called Narconon. Once I got to Narconon I felt a lot better and my life just keeps on getting better every day. All the staff are so friendly and they do all that they can to help. I look back at all the progress I have made and it is overwhelming. I actually found the thing that has made me so happy. I can confidently say I will never ever do drugs again. That thing is myself. It was so simple but I couldn’t see that I had lost myself because my mind was so cloudy. Addiction is not a sickness or an illness that addicts have to struggle with. We all have control of what we do and how we live our lives. I know not how important it is to stay in control of myself. Thanks Narconon!  -A. B. 

Inherent in the trap of addiction is the loss of self, the abandonment of control of one’s power to decide and to take responsibility for those decisions.  Buried underneath the false overlay of drugs or alcohol is the real person, still retaining a flicker of hope that there may be a way out, to once again be drug-free and have a second chance to live the life that was thrown away to drugs or alcohol.

The drug rehabilitation treatment at Narconon Arrowhead is unique in its address to that flicker of hope that still burns, even if dimly.  With its drug-free and holistic approach to rehabilitation of the addict, that hope can become a reality.