What are The Benefits of A Drug Free Rehab

building relationshipsMost addicts arrive at a treatment center completely devastated by their drug use.  For many the idea of replacing their drug addiction with a new addiction is an uncomfortable idea.  Trading one substance for another may seem like putting a band-aid on a problem that has haunted them for so long, instead of solving the problem once and for all. Narconon’s treatment program has always been a drug-free approach to handling addiction.  A holistic alternative to traditional treatment, the program looks at all aspects of well-being, including social, psychological, as well as physical health.  In this way the Narconon program has had great success helping addicts overcome their substance abuse problems.

But, with that said, what are the benefits of a drug free rehab?

How Drug Free Treatment Works

There are several things that make the drug free rehab different from traditional drug treatment centers.  The following are just a few:

  • Drug-free withdrawal – Participants in the program stay in the withdrawal area until they are physically ready to the program.  During this time the staff works with them directly to ensure that the process is as painless as possible.
  • Sauna detoxification – Narconon uses a sauna program to help detoxify the body.  Sauna is a safe way to clear the body of unwanted, unnatural chemicals that are deposited through drug use and environmental exposures.  It also helps to make sure that drug residues are released from the body that could later cause relapse.
  • Improved diet and exercise – In most drug free rehab programs clients are encouraged to improve their diet and to exercise, which both lead to better overall health.  Addicts ravage their bodies and wind up depleting themselves of vitamins and nutrients through their use.
  • Focus on life skills –With an emphasis on life skills that can be easily applied after graduation, students complete the program with a plan in place and the skills necessary to succeed. This allows an individual to live drug free.

How This Works in Real Life

One graduate of the Narconon Arrowhead program named Russ took the time to make a short video about his time at the facility.  He talks about how addiction overtook his life, and how he lost his relationships with his family and friends.  At the age of 19 faced with a life of addiction he made the choice to come to Narconon. He admits that he wasn’t sure how he felt about the holistic approach of the program.  Russ says, “Well, when I got here I was definitely skeptical about the drug-free rehab…  but when I got into withdrawal everybody was great… they do everything they need to do to make you comfortable.”

His full story can be seen here:


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/quSoHwEgKuE?list=UUnvz1qS5hpHQlwk35LmiSbA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Trying Drug Free Rehab

If you have been to traditional treatment centers in the past the idea of a drug-free detox may be a little scary.  After all, many people stay addicted to their drug of choice as a result of not wanting to experience the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that go along with quitting.

In the majority of drug free rehab programs qualified staff are there to administer exercises, along with nutritional supplements that help the withdrawal process along.  In extreme cases where the user’s health may be at risk during the initial withdrawal period, an outside doctor supervised medical detox may be necessary.  However, when the addict returns to treatment and are medically cleared to do the program, no additional medications will be used to aid in their rehabilitation. The drug-free approach is not only safe, but also many clients who graduate the program appreciate that they are truly free of drugs.  Imagine the relief of knowing that you don’t need medications to get through the day.