Top Ten Benefits of Narconon

Sauna Detoxification Program

Narconon is the only program in the world that has a sauna detoxification program.  When drugs are ingested into the body the residues are stored in the fat cells of the body as a metabolite.    Anytime your body metabolizes something to give you energy this residue is released into your blood stream, travels to the brain and causes a biophysical craving for that drug.  These metabolites can stay in the body for up to five years which means you have to fight these cravings for that long a period of time.  The Narconon program uses a combination of a dry heat sauna and vitamin therapy to rid the body of these residues.  This drastically reduces physical cravings for the drug.

Holistic Drug-free Approach

This program is one of the few in the world that does not use drugs to get you off drugs.  The philosophy of giving one drugs to get them off another drug is a self defeating one.  You can’t call yourself drug-free if you trade one drug for another.  Our program combines vitamin therapy, exercise and sauna detox to get the body back to good physical health. 

Non 12 Step Program

Narconon is a non-traditional program that uses cognitive (self-realizing) therapy to uncover the reasons one started using and abusing drugs in the first place.  There is no group therapy, which can actually keep one stuck in a “user mentality”.  Our program gets the addict out the past and into the present while teaching them how to effectively confront and handle any situation that may have made them turn to using drugs or alcohol in the past. 

Life Skills Therapy

The program also consist of intensive life skills courses.  Most addicts either never developed effective life skills or just plain forgot them due to their addiction.  These courses concentrate on developing responsibility, personal ethics, morals and continually improving one’s condition in life.

Long Term Residential Setting

Narconon is a long-term residential program.  Students are provided housing and food for as long as it takes to complete the program for one flat fee.  One cannot successfully get off and stay off drugs with a program that is only 3 to 4 weeks.  It takes that long for the brain to start producing its own chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin at normal levels after you stop using drugs.  These are feel-good and sleep chemicals that the brain stops producing at normal levels while the person is taking drugs, so in other words, just when you are getting into your “right mind” is when most traditional program end.   You need more time to develop the skills necessary to handle life without turning to drugs.   Any program can get you off drugs; our program will keep you off drugs

Non Disease Approach

Narconon does not see addiction as a disease that you will have to battle the rest of your life.  We look at addiction as simply a learned behavior.  At some point in your life you had a problem that seemed to have no immediate solution which caused you to worry.  Instead of confronting the problem you drank or used drugs.  This seemed to take the problem away, at least temporarily and so the next time another problem came up the brain remembered that drugs made it go away, so why wouldn’t it work for you again.  This soon becomes the only way one knows how to solve life’s problems, and so an addiction ensues.  Narconon believes that if you confront and handle the problems that made you start using in the first place and develop the life skills necessary to handle current and future problems, a person can be freed from addiction.

Option for Future Employment

Narconon is one of the few programs in the world that offers its graduates the option to stay and train to work at a Narconon, if the individual qualifies at the end of their treatment. A comprehensive training program must be complete before they are able to work as a staff member.  This not only allows a person to be part of a drug-free group and stay in a safe environment, but the opportunity to help others achieve productive lives.

Success Rate Of Over 70%

Narconon has over a 70% success rate of graduates over a two year period compared to less than 10% of traditional 12 Step programs. 

Lots of Activities for Students

Since Narconon is a residential program we have set up lots of fun activities for students including volleyball, tennis, softball, trips to the lake, bonfires by the lake, coffee and ice-cream parties, movies and lots more.  We believe in showing our students that you can have fun without using drugs or alcohol.

Beautiful Facility and Grounds

Narconon Arrowhead is set directly on beautiful Lake Eufaula in Arrowhead State Park, Canadian Oklahoma.   The park encompasses over 2,000 acres of the scenic outdoors.  Every room has a park or lake view, its own private bathroom and we also offer executive suites with wireless internet, cell phone and fax access.

Narconon has been providing successful drug and alcohol treatment since 1966 and is CARF accredited and licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.  If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction call 1-800-468-6933 for a free and confidential assessment by a addiction referral specialist or log onto stopaddiction.com for more information.

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