This Program Did What Other Programs Couldn’t

“I started using drugs when I was 16. They made me feel better about myself and filled that empty hole inside of me, but only temporarily. It started with pot and escalated from there. I have used every illicit drug known to man and even made a few in my college chem lab. Heroin became the lover that constantly seduced me out of my home and crack was what pulled me away from all of my money and got me fired from several jobs.

 I have spent the majority of the past two years in some rehabilitation facility or another and until I came to Narconon, nothing ever really clicked; nothing ever really gave me all of the necessary information and tools to deal with my addiction like Narconon has.  I had been through other facilities that took the 12-step approach and after completing the first two and relapsing and then getting kicked out of the third one, I began to take on the attitude that I was either never going to get better and this cycle would go on forever to the point where I would eventually end up 6 ft under, in the cemetery plot my parents considered buying for me when I was 23.

 I had been arrested twice in 45 days for possession and distribution of heroin in the state of Virginia and my outlook was not good. I hadn’t spoken to my parents in a few weeks (since I had been kicked out of the third 12-step facility I had gone into) and when I did pick up the phone and call, the whole story came spilling out. My mom called a lawyer whom she had been talking to that got approval from the judge for me to leave the state, if necessary, to receive treatment.

 My mom invited me back to the house to start the search for rehab facilities. The search began online, where I typed into google “non 12-step rehabs”. Several options came up and Narconon’s was one of them. I clicked on a few and then eventually on Narconon’s website. I liked what I read and showed my mother and father, who both have studied science (physics and biochemistry) and listen more to logic then anything else. When we read about the New Life Detoxification Program and how these drug toxins were staying in my body and inevitably helping my relapses to occur, everything started to come together and I knew this was the place I needed to go to that would help me get better.

 We called Narconon and got a plane ticket and got my things packed and together. When I got here, everything was different. From Day 1, in withdraw, a different approach was taken. An all-natural withdraw from drugs was only the beginning and from then on out I began opening my ears for the first time and taking in the knowledge that these people were willing to give me. They use Training Routines (TRs) to help, us as drug fiends, begin to confront situations and communicate better with everyone and everything in our surroundings and get us ready to enter sauna (New Life Detox Program). In sauna, I listened to the staff and sweated out all of the toxins in my body.

 After sauna helped to get the toxins out, I proceeded onto the second half of the program to begin to get my mind in better shape. I did some more TRs and other exercises called objectives which allowed me to have several realizations about myself and my surroundings and my abilities to control myself and my surroundings. These exercises gave me the strength I needed to know that I could walk away from drugs and no matter what situation I was faced with, I could and would get through it and make the right decision (even if it isn’t the most easy decision to make).  I continued through the last 4 books, getting my ethics in and repairing the conditions that the rest of my life was in.

 After this program, I have been able to turn down drugs that were offered to me (which I never would have been able to do before).  My parents have accepted me back and now trust me and the decisions I make and are behind me 100%, not worrying about whether or not they are going to get a phone call in the middle of the night saying their daughter was found dead. They know I will live to see 26 and am confident in me as their daughter and as a human being. I, too, am confident in my abilities to make the right decisions and to learn from my previous mistakes. This program helped me so much and gave me self-confidence and helped me to confront situations that I used to avoid or use over. I no longer do these things. Narconon’s program also helped me get my legal handled and when I went before the judge, he saw a completely different and rejuvenated woman then he had seen 7 months earlier.

 This program did what other programs couldn’t do — it saved my life.”

 Narconon Arrowhead Graduate