The Formula for a Successful Anti Drug Campaign

no drugsBenjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a man of many talents and much wisdom once wrote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  No truer words were ever spoken when it comes to the subject of drug prevention education, the most vital element of an anti-drug campaign.

Prevention versus Cure

When a child or adolescent is taught factual information about the dangers of drugs and what drugs can do to their lives, it enables them to use judgment and sound rational thinking in making decisions when they are faced with the inevitable, drugs and the opportunity to use them.   When a child or adolescent is not properly informed about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse, they are left without the vital knowledge which can protect them, and the door is open for potential drug use and all its consequences.  Once the person, young or old, has fallen into the trap of substance use and abuse, it can be a rather heroic effort to get that person to rehab in an attempt to restore them to sobriety.  And as the statistics broadly show, there are many who don’t succeed, despite the attempt to get clean.  For those who fail to remain sober, falling back into the cycle of rehab-relapse, or overdose, there is no cure.

When we look at the incredible amount of suffering and damage that drugs do to the persons addicted, to their families and loved ones, to our culture and our society, and to our future for the unrealized dreams and unlived lives that were to be a vital part of the fabric of life, it becomes starkly apparent that the prevention of drug use and abuse is our last, best hope in the war we fight against drugs.

With that said, let’s take a look at the formula for a successful anti-drug campaign.

Narconon’s Successful Anti-Drug Campaign

Drug abuse prevention is the front line activity of keeping our nation’s youth from falling into the trap of addiction.

Proven drug prevention education is a formula for success in America’s ongoing campaign to stop the rapid rise in drug use by our youth. A basic formula for success would include the following:

  • A drug abuse prevention program must convey the message that abstaining from drug use is still the best choice to make, while at the same time enlightening our children and youth regarding the true dangers of drugs and drug use.
  • Prescription drug abuse amongst adolescents continues its rapid increase, and the message in a drug abuse prevention program must include the facts and real warnings of the negative effects of these drugs, and their potential for abuse and addiction.
  • An drug abuse prevention educational curriculum must be implemented for every year of our school-age children’s curriculum, one which results in knowledge and understanding of drugs and their dangers.
  • Drug education and prevention must start at even earlier ages, and it must start at home.  Children need to know everything about drugs and the damage drugs can cause, and without using scare tactics.  Simple communication of the truth is what works.
  • The anti-drug message must be spread broadly and with speed.  Through live presentations of drug prevention materials and information, through videos and social media and the internet, through proven school curriculums, through ministers, counselors, teachers, and through every avenue open to us, the message must go out. We all have the shared responsibility to do our part, and help the children and youth of this generation to realize their hopes and dreams, drug-free.

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