The 5 Things Narconon Arrowhead Teaches Clients to Remain Sober

womanWhen you think of an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility, what about the facility or its program would make it seem successful, the fact that it helps individuals through the drug withdrawal process or the fact that it does not use substitute medications, the fact that it provides counseling services?  While the above points may be important, it is also important to understand the true meaning of “rehabilitation”, and so understand what a successful rehabilitation center should provide.

The True Meaning of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of an individual means that the individual is being restored to good health and the ability to work.  A rehabilitation program that simply allows the individual to pass through the drug withdrawal process does not truly rehabilitate the individual for a healthy, productive life.  Drug residues may remain in the body long after drug use has ended, and can cause cravings and relapses.  Furthermore, if the individual’s main reason for turning to drug use in the first place is not addressed and resolved, they are not really armed against a relapse if they return to the environment and life problems that precipitated their drug use.  Rehabilitation programs that use substitute medications may prolong drug dependency issues, and may come with their own risks of addiction and health issues.

A successful drug rehabilitation program must not only help the individual through the withdrawal phase, but must also help the individual eliminate drug residues from their body, restore a healthy diet and exercise plan, address and resolve the main reason or problem behind their drug use, and learn life tools that will help them move forward into a healthy, productive life.

How Narconon Arrowhead Teaches Clients to Remain Sober

Narconon Arrowhead is a drug rehabilitation facility located in southern Oklahoma.  The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program does not use substitute medications to assist individuals with drug withdrawal, and has successfully helped individuals achieve sobriety for over 46 years.  Here are five things that Narconon Arrowhead teaches their clients to help them remain sober:

1. How to trust themselves

An individual who has been abusing drugs or alcohol has often wrestled with their addiction, trying unsuccessfully to resolve it on their own.  They may walk into a party with a personal promise to have no more than one drink, and shortly thereafter are suffering the effects of binge-drinking.  As much as others cannot trust an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the individual feels certain that he cannot trust himself.  Restoring this to an individual is a vital part of the Narconon program since the individual is faced with many choices and must know that he is able to make the right ones for his own health and wellness.

2. How to become free from past guilt

It is not unusual for a drug addict to feel guilty or embarrassed about their drug use.  Even after they have withdrawn from drugs, they may still have a lot of attention on their past drug use and the effects that it created.  Narconon clients learn to free themselves from this guilt about the past and move forward into the future, enjoying the pleasant things that life has to offer.

3. That freedom from cravings is possible

The Narconon rehabilitation program includes a detoxification program that rids the individual’s body of drug residues.  Many addicts believe that they will be unable to ever live without cravings to use drugs, and are tormented by the constant desire to continue using drugs.  Eliminating drug residues from the body can allow the individual to experience freedom from cravings.

4. How to restore respectful relationships with family and friends

Drug use often destroys the addict’s relationships with others.  Since an addict is often willing to do anything to further their drug habit even if that includes stealing or lying, they lose the respect of others around them.  The Narconon program teaches clients how to communicate well with others and build and restore respectful relationships with family and friends.

5. How to grab life by the horns and set and reach for goals

Many drug addicts reach a level where they feel that the only ways out of drug abuse are either prison or death.  They are so focused on their past and their problems that they are hardly living at all, and are certainly not setting and reaching for goals in life.  Learning how to confront life head-on and set and reach for goals is an important part of the Narconon program.

Outcome Monitoring

To ensure the success of their program and their students, Narconon Arrowhead also participates in outcome monitoring.  Program graduates are checked in with at intervals after program graduation to ensure that they are doing well and successfully leading drug-free lives.  In this way, Narconon can help graduates who may be encountering difficulties and correct or improve their program in ways they feel necessary.

Narconon Arrowhead’s goal is to truly rehabilitate individuals for healthy, productive lives.  With a unique, successful program and careful outcome monitoring, they are reaching this goal with hundreds of individuals every year.