How the Little Things Can Aid in Treatment Success

successMost of us have a special memory or two of an unexpected kindness, a word of encouragement, or of a heartfelt compliment, which we carry with us through time, tucked away with other especially fond memories.  These moments are the valuable and brilliant gems of life, the little things so sought after, yet so scarce.  Even though monetary rewards often overshadow the other rewards that life offers us, it is those other rewards—the little things—that bring the most fulfillment and are the true treasures of life.

In the field of drug rehabilitation and treatment, the stakes are high, as the prize for a job well done is a new life, one without drugs and all the pain and suffering that goes with the abuse and addiction.  It is not an easy endeavor, especially for those who are fighting their way out of the desperation and despair, and hoping to make it.  Nor is it an easy undertaking for those who work in this field, seeking to help those trapped in the prison of drugs.

But it is the little things that smooth the sometimes rough road, and which bring quiet joy, or the pride of accomplishment, or bolster the inner strength needed to keep on trying in the face of adversity.  Continue reading