Study Finds Former Prisoners are at a High Risk of Death from Substance Abuse

prisonerA newly published study featured in The Lance Psychiatry reports that in the population released from prison, around half of deaths amongst women and about one-third of total deaths amongst men are due to alcohol and drug abuse.  In the United States, study researchers estimate that about 9 percent of externally-caused deaths such as accidents and suicides could be preventable if former prisoners were treated for drug and alcohol abuse. Continue reading

Study Says Social Media Addiction Linked to Substance Abuse

social mediaMost people who use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have experienced their attention-grabbing qualities, eating-up valuable time, and with the potential to become an almost endless source of interest and virtual participation which can chip away at real-life activities and obligations.  It is coming to light that for some, social media has the potential to become addictive, just as drugs and alcohol do. Continue reading