5 Steps to Reverse the Health Damages of Substance Abuse

vitaminsDrugs are chemicals that work to alter or bypass certain body functions and systems in order to numb undesirable sensations and stimulate pleasurable sensations.  Substance abuse, especially large volumes of substance abuse over a long period of time, can affect a body’s ability to function normally, and can therefore have a wide range of damaging effects on the individual’s body. Continue reading

15 Things Outcome Monitoring Does For Substance Abuse Recovery

If you were to purchase a new stereo, take it home, plug it in, and find that it does not work, what would you do?  Most individuals would handle this situation by returning to the store from which the item was purchased, and requesting a working replacement item.  What if the store actually checked up on you to ensure that the purchased product worked as intended, and helped you resolve any difficulties you encountered when using the product?  You would probably consider this to be excellent customer service, and would feel certain that no matter what occurred, you would certainly be satisfied with a fully operational product.  Why should receiving drug rehabilitation treatment be any different? Continue reading

10 Statistics About Substance Abuse and Narconon Treatment

drug addictIf you were to consider the problem of substance abuse in this country, which substances would you think of?  Would you consider only the use of illicit drugs, or the abuse or illegal use of prescription medications as well?  Would you consider even the legal consumption of alcohol and nicotine to be substance abuse? Continue reading