Drug ‘Drop Off Box’ Seeks to Aid in the Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

prescriptionPrescription drug abuse is a problem that few individuals fully comprehend.  After all, in order to obtain prescription drugs most individuals have to go visit their medical doctor, an individual who is highly trained and whose opinion is therefore highly trusted and rarely even questioned or second-guessed.  This trusted professional reviews the individual’s condition and recommends the use of medications that are FDA-approved.  This can leave the individual with the idea that these medications will solve their problems for them, and they may unknowingly step forward onto the path of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Continue reading

3 Signs That Someone is Getting Fraudulent Prescriptions

Prescription DrugsThe problem of prescription drug abuse continues to grow.  One contributing factor is the idea that because these “medications” are legal, they are somehow safe.  Prescription painkillers are not safe, and tend to be highly prone to abuse and addiction.  And once a person engages in obtaining the prescription drugs through fraudulent means, it crosses over the line from legal to illegal, and with all of its consequences. Continue reading