Graduate Never Looked Back After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

An individual who is considering rehabilitation treatment for their problems with drug and alcohol addiction probably hopes, among other things, to be free of their current life patterns and problems and to move off into a better future.  Perhaps they hope for a better career, a good marriage, children, nice possessions and other desirable things.  Where drugs have robbed them of life and wonderful sensations, rehab is hoped and expected to restore them to the joys that life can bring. It is an unfortunate fact that some individuals attend short-term rehabilitation programs that fail to fully address and resolve all of the causes, phases and effects of drug addiction and as a result the individual returns to drug use in the future.  It may be for this reason that so many individuals are wary of enrolling in rehab, but it may also be because many individuals still hold out hope that they continue to look for better rehabilitation programs.  Continue reading

How Narconon Arrowhead Treatment Increases Responsibility

responsibilityWe all know innately it is important to be responsible, to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, as well as taking responsibility for others and their wellbeing.  But what does it mean, really, to be responsible and to take responsibility for something or someone?  Perhaps with that understanding, life could be better lived by all.  Continue reading