Loritab Recovery Possible With Treatment

Whether it is for physical and/or emotional pain or difficulty, Americans are taking pills and more people are abusing them. However, with treatment, recovery is possible.

A study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found 28.6 percent of persons aged 12 and older were initiated into illicit drug use through a non-prescribed prescription drug. Of these, 17.1% were with pain relievers, 8.6% with tranquilizers, and 2.0% were with stimulants. An additional 1.0% was with sedatives.

What is it about prescription drugs that compel us into underestimating their potential dangers when used inappropriately? If it’s legal and comes from a doctor does that make it safer than drugs from a drug dealer?

A perfect example of how this happens is with a young man names Henry. He was in a car accident and the doctor prescribed him Loritab a commonly prescribed pain reliever.  Henry soon found himself taking these pills over the recommended dose and he felt as though the drug was needed to perform everyday actions.

One year later Henry no longer had a prescription for Loritab but this didn’t stop him from using them.  He was buying them from friends and sometimes people he didn’t even know.  He lost his job, family and home because all his money and time was being used to obtain this medicine.

Henry is now a graduate of the Narconon program; he has regained his ability to make rational decisions that not only help him become a better person but those around him as well.  He says that he is able to put the past behind him and has started a new life.  Henry has been clean for over two years. He has re-married, found a good job and is building a new home.

Most importantly, Henry is enjoying every moment of his life without abusing prescriptions. As a result of his treatment he has been able to fully recover from his Loritab addiction.