Graduate Discusses Life Before Narconon

life before NarcononFor those of us fortunate enough to never have experienced the misery of life as a drug addict, we can yet observe the disastrous effects it has on those who are addicts, on others connected to them, and on the health of our society at large.  We can know that an addict lives a life of mental, spiritual and physical pain, surrounded by danger, confusion and hopelessness.  Perhaps the glimmer of hope to one day get clean and sober is still alive, but the overwhelming cravings for the drug of choice and the pain and sickness of withdrawal drive the addict back to the drugs, over and over again.  The degradation of doing whatever it takes to get the drugs, whether it’s lying, begging, stealing, or selling oneself on the streets, only serves to push the addict even deeper into the pit of misery and hopelessness.  The ever-present threat of death by overdose or another drug-related cause looms constantly, and if ignored for too long, can become the harsh reality for the addict who fails to get effective rehabilitation treatment. Continue reading