Study Shows that ADHD Drug Abuse Being During the Teen Years

adhdKiddie Cocaine it’s called.  More formally, Ritalin; and commonly prescribed to children and youth as a chemical “solution” to study difficulties in school.  According to the Drug Enforcement Administration,  Ritalin (the drug methylphenidate), is a Schedule II narcotic.  It is in the same drug classification as amphetamines, cocaine and morphine.  It begs the question, why are we starting our children and youth on the path to drug addiction by giving them a Schedule II narcotic? Continue reading

Research Shows The Use of “Study Drugs” Still Prevalent on College Campuses

studyThey are called “study drugs”, and have become an issue on college campuses nationwide.  “Study drugs” is the term referring to prescription drugs used with the purpose to increase concentration and stamina when facing study or cramming.  Study drugs are prescription stimulants being improperly used by the person having the prescription; or more frequently, being used illegally by a student who does not have a prescription. Continue reading

Are Strong-Minded Teens More Likely to Use Drugs

teenBeing strong-minded can certainly be an asset in life for anyone.  Strong-minded implies that a person has definite and strong beliefs, and is not easily influenced by others.  It also implies the person has a vigorous mind marked by independence of thought and judgment.  These are all qualities which Continue reading