Do Drugs Bring About the Condition of Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety can be described as a feeling of being nervous or having agitation about something that is going to happen. It can be naturally brought on because of subjects that can cause worry to an individual. Subjects such as money, food and work can bring on anxiety to any individual.

However, some people tend to worry more than others and this can cause them to lead their lives in an extreme where they worry too much about petty things. Anxiety can be a reason for some people to take drugs because they want to forget or relax from their problems and worries. For some people it comes the other way around. Anxiety follows the use of drugs.

Natural Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety can be brought about through natural methods. When one is struggling financially, they can feel anxiety towards their upcoming rent bill. They may worry about it a bit and it may cause them to lose some sleep at night. This is normal. One does not need to seek medical help for this type of anxiety. They need to focus on how they can bring in more revenue from their job or possibly a second job so they no longer have to worry about it. They could even seek a roommate to help them cover the cost or rent.

Anxiety can also occur naturally in parents when they are worried about their children. As their children grow up and start staying out of their direct supervision for longer and longer periods of time, they might find themselves worrying about whether or not their child is minding his manners and making good decisions. This is also perfectly natural form of anxiety and there is no need to seek medical attention.

Unnatural Anxiety Triggers

Unnatural or unnecessary anxiety can be brought about from many different things as well. There are certain drugs that bring about anxiety when they are used or when they are being withdrawn from. Some drugs that increase anxiety when in use include names such as crystal meth, angel dust and LSD. Drugs that tend to have withdraw symptoms that bring about anxiety include marijuana and alcohol and cocaine.

There are also indirect ways that users can find anxiety being triggered when they are using drugs. One example is a user who is running out of his supply of drugs. They may start to feel anxiety to replenish their stock so they do not have to go through withdraw. They may also owe money to friends and family and feel anxiety about coming up with the funds to feed their addiction and to pay their loved ones back. They may also feel anxiety over the legal ramifications for their drug use.

How to Prevent Anxiety

Naturally triggered anxiety will come and go as you go through life. There are ways to help you ease your mind over them though. You can start by finding ways to fix the things you have anxiety about. If you have anxiety over your finances, find a way to spend less money and or make more money. If you feel anxiety about letting your children go out with their friends, work out a system with them where they will call or text you at certain intervals of their day. Also, make sure you have raised your children with good morals and principles so you can trust them to leave the nest.

If you or someone you know is feeling anxiety due to drugs or alcohol addiction, the best thing you can do for yourself is stop using them. You do not have to do this alone. There are trained professionals with a world-class program ready to help you kick your habit at the Narconon Arrowhead drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.


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