Drug ‘Drop Off Box’ Seeks to Aid in the Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

prescriptionPrescription drug abuse is a problem that few individuals fully comprehend.  After all, in order to obtain prescription drugs most individuals have to go visit their medical doctor, an individual who is highly trained and whose opinion is therefore highly trusted and rarely even questioned or second-guessed.  This trusted professional reviews the individual’s condition and recommends the use of medications that are FDA-approved.  This can leave the individual with the idea that these medications will solve their problems for them, and they may unknowingly step forward onto the path of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Continue reading

Diabetes Connection to Drug Addiction

diabetesDiabetes is a less-than-optimum physical condition which affects the way in which a body uses food for energy.    Normally, when a person ingests sugar, it is digested and broken-down into glucose—a simple sugar.  Glucose then circulates though the body in the blood, where it is used by the cells as fuel.  The pancreas Continue reading

Confronting a Drug Problem

teenHow one former substance abuser found freedom from addiction through Narconon Arrowhead.

Many substance abusers may not understand how thoroughly drugs have changed or damaged their life, but they usually know on some level that without help, they will likely lose their life to drugs.  Even if the substance abuser decides that they have a problem and that something needs to be done about it, they are confronted with an even bigger problem: how to confront and fix their problem with substance abuse. Continue reading