More Research is Necessary on the Effects of Opioid Drug Use

drugsA white paper is an official report, often from a government of other authoritative source, providing information or making proposals on a given issue.  It is often bound in white, hence the moniker, white paper.  In January of 2015, National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a white paper on the effectiveness of opioid drugs in treating long-term chronic pain. Continue reading

Studies Show Teens More Susceptible to Drug Use Because of Legalization

teenThe use of marijuana continues to increase as more states across the nation legalize it for either medical use, or recreational use.  Despite the arguments of marijuana proponents that marijuana is harmless—and even beneficial—there are adverse health effects that come with its increased use.  And teens are more vulnerable to some of those adverse effects, ones which are capable of lessening their quality of life. Continue reading

Teen Drug Use at All Time High According to Reports

teenTeen drug use continues to escalate, and some experts cite it as a public health problem of epidemic levels.  The Columbia University-based National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) recently reported that 75 percent of all students in high school have used tobacco, alcohol, or either illicit or legal drugs.  Furthermore, the report reveals that 20 percent of these teens are addicted. Continue reading

Studies Show Drug Prevention Can Minimize Drug Use

drug useThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) provides some guidelines for parents, educators and community leaders to help them in their planning, selection and delivery of community-level drug-abuse prevention programs.  Based on the results gleaned from long-term research studies on Continue reading

Are Strong-Minded Teens More Likely to Use Drugs

teenBeing strong-minded can certainly be an asset in life for anyone.  Strong-minded implies that a person has definite and strong beliefs, and is not easily influenced by others.  It also implies the person has a vigorous mind marked by independence of thought and judgment.  These are all qualities which Continue reading