Holidays Mean Giving Back At Drug Rehab

charityHolidays are a time of generosity, charity and giving, actions that are important for an individual in drug rehabilitation to undertake.  The cycle of drug acquisition, drug consumption, drug high, drug low and drug desire can leave little, if any, time for the individual to think about others beside himself.  Participating in group activities and contributing to the happiness and health of others can be highly beneficial to the individual who is trying to come off the “pleasing self” preoccupation that may exist as a result of substance abuse.  Such activities can also help draw the individual’s attention outward, instead of constantly focusing on their own problems or worries. Continue reading

5 Things A Person Realizes In Rehab

Writing notesRehabilitation is a journey, which begins with the realization by the individual himself that he or she needs help to overcome their addiction.  No matter how much others might want a drug-free life for the addict, it ultimately is the person’s own personal decision to do whatever it takes to truly break the chains of addiction, and learn to live a life of sobriety. Continue reading