Is Cocaine Less Addictive than Sugar

sugarAmericans like sugar, and are eating more than ever before.  It is estimated that as individuals, we currently consume, on the average, 160 pounds of sugar per year.

What is Sugar?

Sucrose, glucose and fructose are commonly referred to as simple sugars.  While sugar is naturally occurring in whole foods, it is commonly added to processed foods to increase the flavor, and to sweeten them. Continue reading

Cocaine Addicts Twice as Likely to Become Suicidal

manCocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug.  Cocaine is commonly sold on the streets as a fine, white, crystalline powder.  The drug is known as C, snow, coke, blow or flake. Dealers on the streets commonly cut the drug with inert substances such as sugar, talcum powder or cornstarch.  Or they cut it with other active drugs such as amphetamines or other stimulants. Continue reading

10 Ways Narconon Handles Crack Addiction

crackThere is a chemical out and about in the world today called cocaine hydrochloride. We commonly refer to it as cocaine. Some cocaine users, in order to make the drug more potent, remove the hydrochloride, a process call “freebasing.” The solid form of this freebased cocaine is called “crack”, getting its name from the snapping and cracking sounds it makes when being heated and smoked. Once considered a rich man’s drug, it is currently being sold at prices that even juveniles can afford–at least in the beginning. Once addicted, the crack habit increases along with the cost. Continue reading