People Dealing with Stress Willing to Spend More Money on Alcohol

alcoholOne English language dictionary defines stress as a nervous or worried feeling which prevents a person from relaxing.  Common sources of stress stem from pressures at work, personal problems or financial problems.  To this could be added the stress of physical illness, or a general sense of not feeling well physically or mentally.  For many, family relationships or issues can be a source of stress.  Toxic relationships can be a major source of stress. What can be known is that in our fast-paced, rapidly changing and highly technical society, there are numerous and varied sources of stress which we all experience to a greater or lesser degree. Continue reading

Study Says Alcohol Driving Dangers More Prevalent During Thanksgiving

drinkingBe sure to buckle up this Thanksgiving–now more than ever.  A recent study by the Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety reveals that automobile accidents around Thanksgiving are increasing.  The trouble is, Thanksgiving is already a precarious time on the road, with crashes due to deer, alcohol and bad weather more prevalent during Thanksgiving weekend than any other time of the year. Continue reading

Does Alcohol Use Lower IQ

iq testAccording to a number of studies, alcohol use increases with education level.  This does not, however, mean that drinking is associated with an increase in intelligence—in fact, quite the opposite. Continue reading