Study Outlines the Economic Costs of Alcohol Abuse

kidWe all know the terrible effects that alcohol abuse and addiction have on individuals, families, friends, and communities. Just a few examples that we can see all around us are the broken relationships, broken families, broken friendships and broken jobs that alcoholism creates all around us. You could also say there that there is a high cost in broken hearts and broken lives. Continue reading

5 Ways to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse This New Year

red headNew Year’s Eve is a time for reviewing the accomplishments of the past year, planning for the coming year and celebrating with friends and family.  Parties and drinking seem to be synonymous with New Years, and while there are those individuals who can limit themselves to just a few glasses of champagne, there are also those who can and may overdo it, and abuse drugs or alcohol during New Years celebrations. Continue reading

Should the Blood Alcohol Limit be Lowered

AlcoholIt’s likely a safe assumption that any group or organization seeking to lower the legal blood alcohol limit would be doing so in an attempt to increase the safety of drivers on the road, and to decrease the number alcohol related fatalities caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.  Let’s take a look at some of the facts so that we can make a sound decision as to whether or not the lowering of the blood alcohol limit would actually be workable, accepted or even necessary to accomplishing a goal of keeping alcohol abuse off our highways. Continue reading