Study Discusses the Role Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Play in Addiction

drug addictOpioid painkillers are abused in a number of ways.  These drugs can be abused by swallowing whole, crushing and swallowing, crushing and snorting, crushing and smoking, or crushing, dissolving and injecting.  Abuse-deterrent opiod formulations target such expected or known routes of abuse.  Some view it as a solution to curtailing the out-of-control abuse of opioid prescription painkillers. Continue reading

Study on Immune System Leads to Greater Understanding of Addiction

immune systemThe immune system of the human body is a network which protects the body from infection.  Made-up of cells, tissues and organs working together, the immune system limits and prevents microbes (any microscopic organism, especially one causing disease) such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi from entering and/or growing in the body in an effort to maintain optimum health.  Continue reading