Rock Climbing Shown to be Effective in Assisting Drug Treatment

rock climbingHandling drug addiction often requires thinking outside the box. Every drug addict is different, and each one will have individual problems and strengths that need to be individually addressed. If a drug rehab center ever starts treating every addict the same, it is in for a losing proposition of not actually helping those addicts get clean.

This is why many rehab centers take unconventional approaches towards their treatment methods. For example, some are starting to incorporate rock climbing into their treatment. Scientific research has shown that exercise can be instrumental in treating depression and addiction. Rock climbing is one of the most intense and fun forms of exercise available, so it’s no wonder that some centers are using it to treat addiction.

Addicts Need Exercise

When a person becomes addicted to drugs, physical fitness is often one of the first casualties. For example, marijuana use cultivates a lethargic feeling in the body and can cause even a person that is physically active to stop exercising. The drug also causes most users to over-eat. These characteristics come together to make even a healthy body turn flabby and sickly.

Other drugs can have varying effects on the body, but they all gradually deteriorate your health and well-being. This is why it is incredibly important for addicts to exercise. The body needs physical activity to stay strong and to work correctly. While not all drug rehab centers will engage in rock climbing, they should all take advantage of some form of exercise program.

Some Ways to Exercise in Rehab

One of the easiest ways to engage in exercise during rehab is to run. Running requires only a good pair of shoes to get started. You don’t need any expensive equipment or complicated training. A rehab center would do well to have a running track on its property or to have well-marked running trails. If it doesn’t have the space for these, it can simply have its clients run on treadmills.

Similar to running, cycling is another easy and highly beneficial exercise. Many rehabs could greatly benefit from buying and setting up exercise bikes for clients to use. Cycling gives a great cardio workout, but it is also “low impact.” That means that you won’t be putting a lot of physical stress on your joints by cycling, but you’ll still get a great workout.

Another great form of exercise is swimming. Swimming exercises many of the muscles in your body, and it’s a lot of fun, too. While most rehabs won’t have pools on site, they can usually arrange trips to local public pools in order for clients to get exercise in.

The Best Programs Take a Balanced Approach

No matter what forms of exercise a rehab center decides to engage in, they need to remember that a balanced approach is best in achieving lasting results. A rehab center can’t just focus on rock climbing or some other form of exercise. In order to be successful it needs to take a holistic approach towards the health of its clients.

This means that nutrition also has to be an important factor. Without well-balanced meals, it will be tough for addicts to repair their bodies. They also need life skills training on how to avoid future drug use. This training can raise the ability of addicts to face problems in their lives and to not have to resort to drug use to avoid upsets and difficulties. By taking a balanced approach that addresses each of these areas, a rehab center can feel reasonably assured that it will start to change lives.