New Study Examines Brains of Marijuana Users

marijuana effectsThe tides of American opinion are changing where marijuana is concerned. While most people in our country used to agree on the danger of smoking this drug, many Americans are now changing their viewpoints and deciding that weed isn’t so harmful after all. This is largely the result of PR campaigns to reposition the drug as a harmless, fun “herb.”

Marijuana could become a powerful cash crop in our country is the legalization campaign is successful. In the near future, going down to the local pot shop to smoke a bowl could be as common as hitting up the neighborhood pub. Drug use advocates want to take advantage of this industry by creating whole generations of Americans hooked on weed.

Despite what the PR campaigns try to sell us, marijuana does harm the human body, and it is addictive. We already have disastrous problems in this country with alcoholism and the millions addicted to cigarettes, but the majority of Americans do not smoke weed. Even though drug advocates want to change that, it’s in our best interest to resist them. New research from Harvard University may help in doing just that.

Brain Scans Show Abnormalities in Pot Users

It’s only normal to want the facts before making any important decision. If public opinion on marijuana is going to shift back to recognizing how dangerous it actually is, anti-drug use advocates need to be armed with the actual research on what marijuana does to the body and mind.

A study at Harvard University took brain scans of two groups of people. One was composed completely of regular marijuana smokers. Their usage of the drug varied from occasional to heavy use. The other group was composed of people that never used the drug at all. The Harvard researchers found that the people in the no-marijuana group had no brain abnormalities, but the marijuana smokers all had abnormalities in a certain section of their brains.

While some could argue that this was somehow a coincidence, the research also showed a direct correlation between the amount of marijuana used and the size of the abnormalities. The more marijuana someone smoked, the bigger the abnormalities in the brain. While the Harvard researchers have stated that this is not conclusive evidence that the drug caused these brain changes, it is still very, very strong evidence of that conclusion.

Conclusions of Marijuana Use Study

Any logical observer of this study can come to the same rational conclusion – smoking marijuana is foolish. If even preliminary studies such as this one show such huge changes in the brain in marijuana smokers, it simply doesn’t make sense to use the drug. Further research will show even more conclusively how weed ends up doing this to the brain, but there is no good reason to risk using the drug with what we already know.

After all, the Food and Drug Administration has stated over and over again that no research has shown any benefits from using the drug, while multiple studies have shown different ways that the drug can harm people. You’re taking your health into your own hands if you use a substance that has such risk associated with it, simply to get high.

If we want to have a healthy society that is free of crime and insanity, one of the first targets for change is getting rid of drugs and drug addiction. Marijuana may have a lot of people working to lie about it and give it a good reputation, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is just as harmful as many other drugs.

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