National Take Back Day Successful in Curbing Prescription Abuse

prescriptionWhen you think of prescription drugs, there’s a good chance that you think of life-saving medications that help young and old alike to live fuller, healthier lives. It’s true that many medications help cancer victims from suffering or help children born with disabilities to grow and flourish.

On the other hand, there are also many prescription drugs that closely mimic the effects of street drugs that already destroy the lives of millions of Americans. Heroin, for example, is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs available all over the world. While most of us would never think of using it, most Americans might not realize that drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin can be just as powerful.

Prescription drug addiction is the fastest-growing form of drug abuse in the United States for a good reason. Many Americans start out trying to just take the amount of these drugs that their doctors prescribed, but they quickly find that the amount of pain medication that they were told to take just doesn’t cut it anymore. Two pills a day isn’t making the pain go away. So, they try three. Or four. Before they know it, they are constantly popping pills.

Many other users find that these drugs are giving them a pleasurable rush every time they take their dosage, an outcome they didn’t necessarily expect. They love the way it feels, so they want more. They find that the pills they are supposed to swallow can be crushed into a powder, and following something they saw in a movie, they try snorting it. This causes the drug to enter the blood stream even faster and gives an even more powerful high.

Before the patient realizes what has happened, she is a prescription drug abuser.

One way to combat prescription drug abuse

Authorities all over the country are trying everything they can to combat prescription drug abuse before it gets even worse. One idea that many communities are trying is to create Drug Take Back Days. These are events where police, firefighters and other authorities in the community set up stations where citizens can turn in old and unused prescription drugs. By turning these drugs in to the authorities, the old pills can be destroyed safely.

Young people in our homes often first try prescription drugs by taking them from the cupboards of their parents or grandparents. They want to get high, and they’re willing to try anything they can find. By giving old pills back to the police, these drugs are taken out of the hands of the people that might abuse them.

Recent drug take backs in Maine were incredibly successful at rounding up old pills. One police spokesperson reported that over 1,000 people dropped off drugs in just one small town. Over 25 pounds of old pills were collected in the first hour that the station was open. When you think about how small pills are and how much they weight, that is a lot of old drugs being turned in over a short amount of time.

Narconon Arrowhead supports drug take back days

Arrowhead has the goal of reducing drug abuse all over the country. By supporting drug take back days, we can all help keep our communities free of powerful, dangerous drugs that could have created even more addicts out of the people we love. Look around for any old drugs around your home, and you too can participate the next time a take back day is held in your area.


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