The Narconon® Program

Narconon®, the premier addiction treatment facility in the nation, was first established in 1966. It’s unique, “get off and stay off drugs” treatment program is a long term rehabilitation program that helps over 70% of it’s graduates remain drug and alcohol free after completion.

The primary successes of the Narconon program is it’s unique approach at handling every aspect of a person’s addiction while enrolled on the program. The Narconon methodology has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to leave drug and alcohol addiction behind for good.

The Narconon® program, addresses both the physical and emotional problems brought about by substance abuse. Our goal is to assist the addicted person, mentally and physically, to regain themselves as a whole and sane person capable of dealing with life’s many and varied challenges. The result of this stellar approach is a success rate that is 3 to 4 times that of other programs.

How The Narconon® Program Handles Drug Cravings

Physical drug cravings often brought on by environmental factors are one of the number one reasons for relapse. In most cases, after a few days or weeks drugs can become untraceable in both the urine and blood. However there are drug metabolites that store in the fatty tissue of the body which can remain there for several years after a person stops using. Because these metabolites can re-release into the blood stream and cause physical drug cravings and other symptoms a program was founded to help rid the body of these toxins.

American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of the New Life Detoxification Program. This program is used to help clients of the Narconon program to handle the physical aspect of drug and alcohol addiction.

The program has several components including exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and induced sweating in a dry heat sauna. The program produces the following results:

  • Drastic reduction physical drug cravings.
  • Drastic reduction in symptoms associated with alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Reduction of symptoms associated with substance abuse such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and irritability.

At the beginning of the program drug metabolites are not detectible in the body but they then increase as the program continues and then leave the body completely. Treatment through the New Life Detoxification Program proves that toxins can be re-released into the body and then leave through the excretory glands.

Doing the New Life Detoxification Program produces many positive changes. Those who underwent the program reported the following:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Better attention span
  • Improved memory
  • More energy
  • More enthusiasm in life
  • A higher sense of well being

More On The Detoxification Program

The New Life Detoxification Program has some key elements that make it one of the most effective programs out there. There are several components that make the program successful.

These include:

Fast Acting Niacin In A Daily Dose:

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is a vitamin that is essential to nutrition. Used in the New Life Detoxification Program, Niacin produced some very beneficiation effects. Niacin helps to trigger the release of fat into the bloodstream. This is beneficial because an individual will start taking Niacin in the New Life Detoxification Program and will experience “turn ons” as the Niacin helps to dislodge the drug toxins left in the fat, which are re-released into the bloodstream and are able to leave the body through the sweat or urine.


While on the New Life Detoxification Program light aerobic exercise helps to better distribute the Niacin through the body. Running outside or on a treadmill is best but any light aerobic exercise could be used.


Studies done on the New Life Detoxification program show that sweating in a dry heat sauna will push toxins out of the body. Temperatures range from 140-180 degrees and the sauna has to be well ventilated. Sweating takes place for periods lasting no more than 20 minutes with 10 minute breaks. During breaks individuals can take cool showers to help clean off substances from the skin and cool down the body.


While doing the sauna program, individuals must drink liquids. These help to prevent heat exhaustion as well as dehydration.

Use of Cold Pressed Oil:

Oil’s are also taken by those undergoing the program. They help to enhance the release of chemicals as well as helping the body to not reabsorb the toxins it has just released.

Other Vitamins & Minerals:

There is a very specific regimen of other vitamins and minerals in approximate amounts taken by those undergoing the New Life Detoxification Program.

Some of these include, Vitamin B Complex, B1, Vitamin A, D, C and E as well as Multiminerals and the “Cal-Mag Formula.” The “Cal-Mag Formula” provides extra minerals of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Overview of the Sauna

The found of the Narconon program, William Benitez along with L. Ron Hubbard could see that substance abuse was debilitating for the addict. The New Life Detoxification Program evolved to allow addicts to physically free themselves from the effects of drugs so that they could develop their natural abilities.

This along with the communication and objective parts of the Narconon program help to fully address every aspect of addiction.

Narconon’s program lays out in Three Phases:

Phase I:

The Drug Free Withdrawal program was put together to help the addict to stop using drugs and to experience withdrawal with minimal discomfort. Drugs are not used in the withdrawal program but addicts are helped with 24-hour care, vitamins, light objective exercises and nutrition.

A course called the Therapeutic Training Routine Course is the next part of Phase 1. This course helps to extroverts the individual and gets a person into better communication with the current environment and those in it.

The Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program, as described above is a very specific process consisting of Niacin, Exercise, Intermitted Sweating and specific vitamin and mineral supplements to drastically reduce toxins from the body.

Phase II:

Phase II starts out with The Learning Improvement Course which gives the student the ability to study and to better retain knowledge. The way that this course works is that it teaches an individual to recognize and overcome the primary barriers to learning.

The next course is called the Communication & Perception Course. Usually teamed up with another person for form a group this course increases awareness and helps an individual to have better control and to be in better communication with people and things around him.

Phase III:

Phase III of the Narconon program consists of several courses designed to help handle the mental and physical aspects of addiction.

The Ups & Downs in Life Course helps to allow a person to identify characteristics of certain personality types so he can better choose who he is around. The course helps to give an addict stability and happiness which aids in getting and staying drug-free.

The Personal Values & Integrity Course helps to restore integrity and honesty for the individual. He can actually confront past transgressions and fully acknowledge some of the things he has done which were damaging in different areas of his life.

The next course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. This course helps to give the individual different states of existence, or conditions, which he can apply to his life and steps to improve these conditions.

The last course is The Way To Happiness® Course. This is a very simple yet appropriate course which teaches the individual a simple moral code.

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