Narconon Successes

Drug Free Withdrawal

Narconon Arrowhead takes a completely drug free approach to treatment. While in withdrawal, an individual will be assisted by a trained withdrawal specialist for 24 hours per day. When an individual comes off of drugs and alcohol, they can often experience very painful withdrawal symptoms.  The whole goal of the drug free withdrawal portion is to successfully get an individual off the substance with the least amount of pain possible.

“I feel like a new person after I completed the withdrawal program. I am sleeping through the night on my own and I feel like I have a much more positive outlook on my recovery and life in general. “

-Kaitlin K. Narconon Student-

The Therapeutic Training Routines Course

The Therapeutic Training Routines Course consists of a series of communication drills and exercises that are done in a classroom type setting.  These exercises are drilled with another student, and supervised by a trained Narconon staff member. A few positive results of this course are ability to start and complete an activity, ability to communicate effectively, and improvements in both confidence and self-esteem.

“What I got out of book one was to live in the moment. My communication skills have improved, and I now have the ability to confront things and not run from. This is huge for me, and I never thought I would be able to do this again. It’s great! “

-Lolly M. Narconon Student-

The New Life Detoxification Program

One of the first barriers an individual encounters when starting to come off drugs or alcohol is the severe mental and physical cravings for the substance. Any toxin or substance that enters a person’s body undergoes a filtration and digestive process that eliminates the majority of toxic substances, but not all. The remaining toxins are converted into protein based molecules known as a metabolite. The remaining metabolites are absorbed into the fatty tissues of the body. And this is where the problem lies.

Because anytime this person’s heart rate is increased, they will burn fat for energy. Occasionally they will burn off these contaminated metabolites, and these metabolites are what trigger the cravings for drugs and alcohol. Every person’s body has 2 basic ways of flushing them out. One is through sweat and the other is urine, which is why a person’s urine can be tested for drug use. What the sauna program does is work with our body’s natural way of flushing out toxins. This portion of the program handles the physical aspect of the addiction.

“After completing the sauna program, I now have more energy, confidence in myself, and an overall positive outlook on life. My vision seems clearer and colors seem more vivid. “

-Stephany M. Narconon Student-

Learning Improvement Course

The abuse of drugs and alcohol tends to have very serious mental and emotional effects on an individual. Affecting the ability to study, read, and understand new information.

As this goes on, the individual often just gives up on study and quits trying all together. The Learning Improvement Course gives the student the ability to not only acquire, but retain new information and knowledge. They are taught to overcome the barriers to study. These tools can be used for the rest of their lives, and the remaining portion of the Narconon Program.

“After completing the learning improvement course, I am confident once again. Before I had given up on myself because I felt like I had caused too much damage to my own brain. I have come to realize this was far from true. Life is great! “

-Zac P. Narconon Student-

Communication and Perception Course

When an individual lacks good communication skills, focus, and the ability to solve and identify problems, they will not be able to truly achieve their goals in life. The Communication and Perception course is a two part course. The first section focuses on increasing a person’s understanding of what communication is, and how to use it effectively. Part two puts the majority of focus on increasing an individual’s awareness of their present time environment, and increases their ability to focus on an objective long enough to accomplish or complete them.

“My addiction issues heavily impacted relations with my co-workers. I had lost my self-confidence and the ability to give direction. What I learned on this program step put me right back in the driver’s seat. “

-Narconon Graduate-

Ups and Downs in Life Course

As an addiction develops, so do antisocial behaviors. In the beginning, the individual is a great person, but overtime misconduct associated with drug abuse tends to drag them down. They develop guilt and a negative attitude in a very short period of time. The Ups and Downs in Life Course is a life skills training course that gives a student the ability to identify those social and anti-social characteristics. Once they can pick up on these indicators, they now have to ability to recognize who is there to harm, and who is there to help.

“When I was abusing drugs, I ignored my family and begin participating in many illegal and harmful actions. After completing this course, I have a better relationship with my family and have disconnected from those so called “friends” I used to run with. “

-David H. Narconon Student-

Personal Values and Integrity Course

Misconduct and unethical behavior go hand in hand with drug addiction and abuse. Overtime, an addict becomes trapped in a repetitive cycle of committing transgressions against individuals and society as a whole. As this cycle continues, the individual begins to self medicate with drugs to numb the pain and guilt that come along with it. The Personal Values and Integrity Course teach an individual a simple confessional system that helps to ease the pain and guilt associated with drug and alcohol abuse and misconduct. Through this system, they experience a tremendous amount of relief. They also become aware of the damages they are responsible for repairing.

“I had developed some serious trust issues through my addiction. I was unable to even trust my family, and wife. After completing this course, I have felt a huge sense of relief and now am able to trust again. I love it! “

-Sebastian D. Narconon Student-

Changing Conditions in Life Course

After an individual begins to confront their misdeeds and the damages left behind, they are now ready to repair the torn relationships and situations that are remaining in their lives.  This course takes place in a class room setting under the supervision of trained treatment professionals in the Narconon Program. This course teaches an individual how to apply simple formulas that can be used in repairing the damages left behind, as well as how to react and respond to certain situations.

“At this point in the program I have made tremendous gains in my life. I am now able to plan for my future, and accomplish these goals without falling back into those old addict behaviors.”

-Angela D. Narconon Student-

The Way to Happiness Course

The Way to Happiness is the final course in the Narconon Program. This course consists of 21 simple and applicable precepts that cover a common sense moral code of conduct. When followed this will help them become productive, contributing members of society once again.

“Upon completing the Way to Happiness Course I have come to realize just how important family is, and how they affect my happiness in a good way. I am looking forward to living an honest and productive life once again. Life is great!”

-Narconon Graduate-
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