Narconon Features

The Narconon center offers many amenities to their students, which make for an extremely comfortable stay, while they are given the tools to live a drug free life. Narconon is set in the heart of Arrowhead State Park, on 217 acres, on beautiful Lake Eufaula. This environment provides a stress free atmosphere for the students.
One of the many wonderful things about the Narconon Arrowhead center is the food. There are fresh, nutritious meals served 3 times a day. In addition to a healthy and delicious hot meal, there is a large, great-tasting salad bar on hand for lunch and dinner time.  Many addicts and alcoholics have depleted their bodies of nutritious meals for periods of time. Narconon Arrowhead recognizes that and wants to see each student operate on the utmost optimal level, therefore diet and nutrition are greatly encouraged. Healthy snacks are accessible around the clock for those quick “pick me ups.”

In addition to great food, the campus with its lakefront, serene location, attracts all students, young and old to the outdoors. There are nature walks, supervised swim, and several athletic sports to draw students out into the fresh air. The park comes complete with a wide variety of wildlife.  Some of the clients have lived only in urban atmospheres and greatly appreciate the exposure to nature, at its finest, as well as those who have grown up around it. It has been proven to help draw the introverted outward, to expose them to the outdoors. The outdoor sports available continue to grow with the changing times. Clients play tennis, basketball, hockey, baseball, softball, volleyball and ping pong. Some of the students prefer quieter outdoor sports like fishing or bird watching or even the gathering of wildflowers. Even those who are not interested in athletics are drawn to the outdoors and fresh air in this beautiful setting.

Once a great resort, when one enters the main building, they are immediately aware of its open spaciousness. Windows everywhere draw the eye to the outdoors and provide natural light. Living quarters offer a cozy bed, closet, additional storage areas and a full bath. Each room contains a table and chairs for reading, playing cards and just chatting.

All rooms are kept clean and are monitored on a regular basis. Students are placed with another student of similar age and like interests to provide kinship. Private rooms and executive suites are also available. There is an area for the students to do their laundry as well as a salon area for students so they can keep themselves well groomed while in the program. A huge entertainment room contains 2 large televisions, pool tables, a dart board and various electronic games. Alongside the entertainment room is a gym. The gym offers free weights and many weight machines. Students are free to take advantage of these activities any time they are not in course.

The Program Support Services division of our organization additionally provides our students with several amenities during their stay at Narconon Arrowhead.  This part of our staff offer books and various board games to those students wanting this type of activity. They are also the staff members who accompany the students on outings. Outings are for the upstanding students who deserve a treat and are very much anticipated by all. These outings range from the movies and dinner to nearby amusement parks. Narconon always keeps the students in mind during their stay here.

Some are away from their families, some for the first time. In order to help them through this transition, our staff provides seasonally appropriate outings. There are fireworks for the 4th of July and scenic drives through lighted gardens at Christmas time, a home cooked Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner; among other things. These forms of entertainment coupled with campus parties, celebrations and wonderful holiday meals help the student to feel more at home.

In order to make the program available and affordable to all, Narconon Arrowhead offers many financing options. Unlike most centers, Narconon offers an open ended program. What that means is that the student is here until they have successfully completed the program at their own pace. All aspects of this premier program are monitored very closely and a student cannot progress until their Case Supervisor is fully satisfied that the student has mastered each phase.

Additionally, Narconon can present various payment options. There is available financing for those who qualify and there are multiple insurance companies that we work with to aid in funding the program.

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, please consider this premier, private facility. Narconon Arrowhead currently has a success ratio of 76%, among the highest in the nation. Just call (800)468-6933 and you can speak to a live agent who will quickly put you in contact with a addiction referral specialist.