Narconon Arrowhead Promotes “Healing Addicted Lives” Book

ListWatching a loved one struggle with addiction can be incredibly difficult.  In addition to watching helplessly as they destroy their life and deteriorate both mentally and physically, one is forever haunted by the thought that one day their loved one’s drug abuse will lead to jail – or worse, overdose-related death. 

For an independent observer, the dramatic and dangerous effects of an individual’s drug use seem obvious.  One may wonder why the substance abuser would choose to continue drug abuse when it’s obviously destroying their life.  The unfortunate fact is that the individual himself cannot see the full effect that drugs are having on their life.  As opposed to the normal concerns and actions, goals and plans of a sober individual, a substance abusing individual is motivated solely by the drive to obtain and use more drugs.  He may say that he knows he needs help and he may even say that he is going to quit his substance abuse or seek treatment, but he will fail to follow through, further compounding the frustration felt by family members or friends.

Healing Addicted Lives

The intensely strong power of addiction is such that individuals need support and help to make it through to full and lasting sobriety.  When attempting to help an individual overcome their substance abuse problems, one needs to fully understand how certain factors in an individual’s life can cause them to turn to drug use.  One also needs to understand how regular drug and alcohol use changes the individual, and affects their behavior and lifestyle.  Most importantly, one needs to understand what actions must be taken to fully heal the drug addict.

In order to provide the public with the information necessary to address the above points, Narconon Arrowhead is promoting the free online book “Healing Addicted Lives”.  The book addresses many points, including the definition of addiction, whether addiction is a disease, and full information about the highly successful Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program.  A free copy of the book is available by following this link: http://www.healingaddictedlives.com/

About Narconon

Narconon was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, a prison inmate who was seeking a workable solution that would resolve his heroin addiction.  Benitez came across the drug rehabilitation research developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard and began a drug rehabilitation program in the prison.  The Narconon program is now acknowledged by independent research to be one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the world, with 70% of program graduates reporting through recent outcome studies, staff and student surveys and reviews that they are living drug-free, productive lives.

The Narconon program includes a sauna detox to help rid the body of all residual drug toxins down to a cellular level so that the individual will no longer experience the effects of or have cravings for drugs.  Program students also receive counseling to help them get to the root of their initial drug use and come up with drug-free solutions for the life problems that caused them to turn to drugs.  Additionally, program students participate in a series of life skills courses to gain basic but invaluable tools regarding communication, spotting and handling conditions in life, and working well with others.

The importance of Addiction Education

It is an innate quality of human beings to help others in need.  However, the simple desire to help does not mean that one is automatically possessed of the necessary information to effectively help others.  It is important to educate oneself fully in an area in order to make a difference in that area.  For those who would like to effectively help individuals struggling with drug abuse and addiction, “Healing Addictive Lives” can make the necessary difference between failure and success, giving an individual a thorough understanding of the many facets and effects of addiction.

“I enjoyed reading ‘Healing Addictive Lives’.  It had a lot of great info in it.  I learned how depression actually can be caused by the addict’s use of drugs in general.” – LS