Narconon Arrowhead Holds Talent Show

talent showNarconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma, recently held a talent show and awarded prizes of Halloween baskets, coffee and travel mugs.  The show took place in the center’s auditorium, and thanks to former staff member Jane Million who donated $230 to help the students, the show included the use of brand new microphones.  Many students and staff participated in the show, creating a fantastically fun evening for all to enjoy.

About Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon Arrowhead is located in southern Oklahoma on the hills overlooking Lake Eufaula.  The residential rehabilitation center is home to up to two hundred individuals at a time, and provides a peaceful setting for program participants to recover in.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program was founded in 1966 by prison inmate William Benitez.  After reading a book by American humanitarian and author L. Ron Hubbard, Benitez realized what he would need to do in order to handle his own heroin addiction.  Through correspondence with Mr. Hubbard and the help of prison officials, Benitez established the first Narconon program in his prison.  In the past four decades, the Narconon program has expanded worldwide to more than one hundred centers, and has helped many individuals overcome their problems with substance abuse.

Many individuals who are struggling with substance abuse problems find that resolving the mental and physical cravings for drugs are the most difficult problem to contend with.  In order to help the individual resolve this, the Narconon program helps the individual through a drug-free withdrawal program with vitamins and physical assists.  Then, the program student participates in a course designed to help draw them out of their past and the upsets therein, and more into the present environment.  The program student then completes a sauna detoxification program to rid their body of residual drug toxins and thereby reduce or eliminate future drug cravings.

Because the substance-abusing individual often turned to drugs and alcohol because of difficult and upsetting conditions in their life, the Narconon program includes a series of life skills courses that help the individual learn how to communicate better with those around them, how to control and change the conditions in their life, and how to build healthy relationships with others.  The student also learns about personal integrity and how to create and maintain a happy life.  The point of the Narconon life skills courses is to give the student workable solutions for handling the sometimes difficult parts of their life so that they don’t turn to drugs again in the future.

The Importance of Drug-free Recreational Activities

The individual who is trapped in the dwindling spiral of substance abuse is often focused only on himself.  This is obvious in a family where a father neglects his head of household responsibilities in favor of continuing his drug habit, seemingly oblivious to the effect he has on his wife and children.  His relationships with family and friends often suffer as he withdraws from all contact with others except those who help him further his substance addiction.

While withdrawing from drugs is an important step on the road to sobriety, it alone doesn’t guarantee an individual’s success.  The individual’s attention must be drawn outward from himself and into his environment, and he must experience drug-free activities to help rebuild healthy relationships with others. Program students at Narconon Arrowhead are surrounded by a variety of drug-free activities in order to help them become re-oriented to the world around them.  Some of the regularly available recreational activities available at Narconon Arrowhead include tennis, volleyball, basketball, weight lifting, board games, movies, jogging trails and more.

The Narconon Arrowhead Talent Show provides yet another opportunity for program students to participate in drug-free activities and enjoy the benefit of focusing their attention outward, and is an important part of the former addict’s rehabilitation.