Narconon Arrowhead Expands Facebook Pages

facebookNarconon Arrowhead continues to expand its presence on Facebook with two new recently launched Facebook pages, bringing the center’s total to three Facebook pages. Each one of these pages provides current information on drugs and drug use trends, useful tips to those seeking help in overcoming addiction and a source of referrals for help locating rehab treatment.

The Narconon Arrowhead Facebook Page

Narconon Arrowhead joined Facebook on September 30th, 2010, and this page is their original and longest established presence on the Facebook site. The center’s purpose is to help people who are battling drug or alcohol addiction reclaim their lives, and this Facebook page is yet another vehicle by which to share that important message.

The page lets visitors know that Narconon Arrowhead, founded on February 19th, 1966 and located on the expansive Lake Eufaula in southeastern Oklahoma, continues to provide a drug-free rehabilitation treatment program that is unique in the field of drug rehabilitation. It is a non-profit drug rehabilitation center dedicated to eliminating substance abuse and addiction through drug rehabilitation treatment, factual and useful drug information and drug prevention education to youth and communities.

It also informs visitors the center has helped thousands of individuals caught in the trap of addiction to once again achieve a drug-free and productive life. The Narconon program delivered at Narconon Arrowhead is a results oriented program with the goal of getting the person off all drugs so that he or she can rejoin society and is able to lead a happy, healthy and productive life worth living.

Narconon Arrowhead also lets visitors to their Facebook page know that the center offers free addiction counseling, assessments as well as referrals to drug rehabilitation centers nationwide.

They provide their toll-free number for those in need, 1-800-468-6933 as well as their home website at www.narcononarrowhead.org

The Narconon Addiction Series Facebook Page

The Narconon Addiction Series Facebook page was newly launched on September 26th, 2013. It is a free resource for helpful information on drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy and alcohol. This page also provides information and guidance on how to help someone deal with these and other addiction issues. The purpose of the page is to provide factual and helpful information and resources regarding addiction free-of-charge.

The Narconon Addiction Series page has already posted a host of interesting and informative articles regarding drug use, current substance abuse trends and actions a person can take to help an addict. The following articles have been posted to date:

· Oklahoma Meth Lab Seizures Up 440 Percent
· How to Determine an Ecstasy Abuse Problem
· Signs Someone is Smoking Marijuana
· Narconon Offers Tips to Help Parents Stop Heroin Abuse
· 3 Things to Never Tell Your Kids About Drugs
· 5 Indications of Small Town Drug Abuse
· 15 Steps to Successful Intervention
· 5 Ways to Rebuild After Addiction
· 5 Steps to Helping a Painkiller Addict
· New Worries Emerge with Ecstasy Use
· 5 Ways to Stop Teen Drinking
· Marijuana Facts and Myths
· 10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much
· 5 Physical Signs of Marijuana Use

The Narconon of Oklahoma Facebook Page

Launched on October 1st, 2013, this is Narconon Arrowhead’s newest Facebook page and a community service-oriented source of addiction and drug rehabilitation topics particularly germane to the state of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma rehab facility.

The page itself states its purpose and function, Narconon of Oklahoma
Start a New Life Today. You can Overcome Drug Addiction, and identifies itself as a free source of solutions to substance abuse and alcohol problems.

This new facebook page already provides visitors and those seeking helpful information with a strong line-up of articles on the Oklahoma drug scene and actions being taken to stem substance abuse in the state. Posted to date are the following articles of interest:

· Keeping Drugs out of Oklahoma
· The Oklahoma State College Drug Use Epidemic
· Oklahoma’s Efforts to Stop Prescription Abuse
· Oklahoma Seeing Increase in Alcohol Related Crashes

Anyone whose life has been impacted by drugs and substance abuse should definitely look into the wealth of information and helpful resources being provided by Narconon Arrowhead as on each of these valuable pages as they continue to expand their presence on Facebook.

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