Narconon Arrowhead Examined and Accredited by CARF for Exemplary Performance

narconon arrowheadThe Narconon Arrowhead staff have always worked extremely hard to help their clients off drugs and to get them living enjoyable, clean lives. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities recently recognized Narconon’s hard work with an accreditation stamp.

What does it mean to be accredited by CARF?

Being accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities does not really change the way Narconon Arrowhead operates. Narconon Arrowhead will continue to work much the way they have been till now to get people off drugs and living happy lives.

Being accredited by CARF means that Narconon has a greater outcome than other rehabilitation programs. Clients who graduate from the Narconon program have a higher success rate and live more productive and fulfilling lives than some other rehabilitation graduates.

Receiving accreditation by CARF also allows Narconon to make simple changes which will bring about expanded help to those who need it. The accreditation allows Narconon to bring about the changes which will improve the already great results their program reaps.

The first part of the Narconon Arrowhead program

Narconon’s program is divided into two distinct sections. The first section is the part of the program which is to help clients withdraw from drugs as well as detox the chemical remnants of drug and alcohol use from their body.

The low heat sauna program Narconon has perfected allows the harmful chemicals left behind in the body to sweat out through the pours. Sweating chemicals out allows former addicts to be healthier, think clearer and live happier.

Narconon’s withdrawal and detoxification program is completely natural. This basically means that Narconon does not use additional drugs or medications during the withdrawal process. Narconon Arrowhead believes that getting off drugs shouldn’t involve more drug use, so it works to ensure addicts get clean naturally.

The second part of the Narconon Arrowhead program

The second part of the Narconon Arrowhead program is also quite unique to Narconon. This part is the life skills training section of the program. Narconon believes that if it can educate addicts on how to confront life’s problems, that they will be able to avoid the desire to use drugs or alcohol for an escape in the future.

Narconon clients learn the importance of morals in everyday life. Clients learn how to differentiate right from wrong in any and all circumstances. Clients then also learn how to communicate to others.

Have you ever felt like you have something to say but do not know how to get it understood by someone else? Narconon provides communication skills training which teaches people how to communicate so that their ideas and opinions can and will be heard with full understanding.

Narconon also works to empower their clients. Narconon staff believe that clients should be in control of their own lives. Clients should be able to and are quite capable of making good ethical decisions all on their own. Sometimes they just need guidance from the Narconon staff.

The Narconon Arrowhead staff work to guide their clients on the road of self-discovery of how to be in control of one’s own life. Learning about morals, communication, integrity and improving life conditions are just a few of the many training and treatment options which Narconon offers.

Raising awareness on drug addiction and the dangers of substance abuse helps to forward Narconon’s purpose for a drug-free world. Achieving this lofty goal is possible, and CARF recognizes that the staff at Narconon Arrowhead are making a difference and are working to make this ideal come true.


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