Narconon Arrowhead Drug Education

Educating Children on DrugsNarconon Arrowhead believes that effective drug education is vital if the number of people being attracted to drug abuse each year is to be decreased. Narconon Arrowhead offers drug education through presentations in both public and private schools, juvenile halls and camps, youth groups and civic organizations and considers this a priority.

Even in the area of drug education, L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries provide new insights about how to better inform children and adults concerning the harm that drugs cause. Narconon drug education has proved highly effective based both on the positive responses of participants and on independent evaluations. One independent study of the Narconon® program’s drug education services conducted in 1989 by the Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education (FASE) measured the attitude change of students from the 2nd through 12th grade after hearing a Narconon drug education lecture and concluded:

“The Narconon drug education program is effective in teaching students about the adverse consequences of drug abuse and has a very positive influence on the attitudes of students towards drugs. Students in the upper grades were well aware of the presence of the problem. What they wanted were hard facts on the real-life consequences of abuse. The most dramatic effect on attitude (was) observed in the border-line group of students – those indicating that they might use drugs in the future. The changes were quite pronounced: comments indicating that they would now never use drugs were common.”

Of the students in this category, 86% indicated that they were less likely to use drugs following the presentation. Such responses to the lectures are common, an indication that they are revealing, not only for students, but also for adults who hear them. A statement issued in the White House National Drug Control Strategy February 1994 stated the situation:

“Ultimately, the solution to America’s drug problem will be found at the grassroots level in neighborhoods and communities throughout the Nation. Individuals, families, neighbors, churches and synagogues, and civic and fraternal organizations must work together to forge efforts to address the underlying causes of social disintegration within our communities in order to prevent drug use.”

“I learned that by using drugs I am not going to get anywhere, so I promise I’m not going to use drugs never because if I use drugs I’ll never reach my goals.” – R.B.

“Drugs make people stupid, high, don’t want to do anything. Drugs are making our world fall apart. I wish one day everyone will be drug free. I really wish.” – H.S.