How Narconon Handles Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction, most generally, starts with a dependency to recreational use. Once prolonged use sets in, physical dependence takes control of the person’s body and behavior as well. But like all opiate addictions, the addiction can be stopped through detoxification and rehabilitation.

No one who tries heroin for recreational use intends to end up with an addiction to it. A person gets addicted to heroin in an attempt to self-medicate emotional pain or to alleviate physical ailments. A person will continue to use to prevent the painful withdrawal symptoms.

The Narconon Program

The Narconon Program was first established in 1966. It is a unique program that is considered a long term rehabilitation program. It helps over 70% of its graduates remain drug free after completion of the program.

The program uses a methodology that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of a person’s addiction. The person will regain is ability to deal with life’s challenges. The success rate of the program is 3 to 4 times that of other programs.  

Narconon’s Approach to Handle Heroin Addiction

Phase I of the Narconon Program

To assist an individual in ceasing current drug use rapidly and with minimal discomfort, Narconon uses a drug free withdrawal system. This is used with proper nutrition, vitamins, and care from the experienced Narconon staff.

Once the drug free withdrawal process is completed, the Therapeutic Training Routines Course is taken. This will assist in extroverting a person and get them into better communication with others and their environment.

The last step of Phase I is the New Life Detoxification Program. This is an exact regimen of exercise, sauna, and nutritional supplements. This will help to rid the body of any heroin residuals and other toxins.

Phase II of the Narconon Program

Part I of this phase is the Learning Improvement Course. This course is designed to give the student the ability to study and retain knowledge. This will enable them to recognize and overcome barriers to studying and learning.

Part II of this phase is the Communications and Perceptions Course. This course will help to increase awareness and enable the student to be in better control & communication with their environment. During this course, one student helps another and by doing this, the student increases his own responsibility, gains the ability to handle life better, and also take responsibility for other.

Phase III of the Narconon Program

During this phase, a student will go through a course called the Ups & Downs in Life Course. This course will give the knowledge to gain greater personal stability and happiness in one’s life. A student will learn the characteristics of the social personality and the antisocial personality. With this knowledge, he can spot the difference in the two and better choose his friends and associates.

The next course is the Personal Values & Integrity Course. This course will give the knowledge to determine one’s own values. They will achieve the highest level of personal integrity and honesty. It will enable a person to correct any contra survival actions by ridding himself of past harmful deeds done on any number of dynamics.

After this course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. This course will give exact steps to improve conditions in their life and repair previous bad conditions.

The last course is the Way to Happiness Course. This course teaches a student a secular moral code to use as a guideline to living a happy life.

More on Handling Heroin Cravings

Once a person uses heroin, the drug is process through the liver and kidneys. As these organs break the heroin down to excrete it from the body, tiny residuals are left behind, bonding to the fatty tissues in the body. These residuals can stay lodge in the fat for 3-5 years.

The New Life Detoxification Program uses a combination of exercise, induced sweating in a sauna, and a regimen of nutritional supplements to produce the following results:

•    Elimination of drug cravings
•    Elimination of many of the symptoms associated with drug addiction

Once a person goes through this preprocess, they can be expected to achieve many if not all of the following:

•    Increased energy
•    Increased sense of well being
•    More clarity in thinking
•    Memory and attention span improving
•    Enthusiasm about life

In a combination of physical detoxification, cognitive and objective therapies, and life skills training, the Narconon program is delivered strategically to compliment and expand on one another.

Getting Help through Narconon

The Narconon Program is designed to help a person on an individual basis. To get yourself or your loved one the help they need with their heroin addiction, call Narconon today at 800-468-6933. We will personalize your treatment program for your needs and get you on the road to success for a lifetime.