Holidays Are About Giving Back At Narconon Arrowhead

giving backThe holiday season is a time of love, family, caring, generosity and giving to others less fortunate.  For individuals participating in the Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation program, the holiday season is a time to give back to others.

The Importance of Holiday Activities for Narconon Arrowhead Students

Most drug addicts have withdrawn from relationships with others and life in general as a result of their drug use.  The activities that a drug addict participates in are the activities of drug acquisition and use, and their “friends” are simply other addicts who are no more their friends than strangers on the street.  The addict may shun or avoid holiday activities and relationships with family and friends.  Initially, shame, guilt and embarrassment regarding their drug habits can cause this to happen, but over time the addict’s life actions are dictated by drugs – every effort and thought revolving around how to acquire and use more drugs.  Furthermore, the chemicals in drugs override the basic and normal functions of the human body, and can numb both the individual’s physical and emotional sensations.  It is not unusual for drug addicts to lack true human emotion and the ability to see, hear, feel or taste.

Participating in holiday activities are an important part of the Narconon Arrowhead student’s rehabilitation.  For many students, these activities may be the first sober activities they have participated in for quite some time, maybe even years.  The activities allow the student to re-experience emotions and other pleasant sensations while they rebuild their life and relationships with others around them.

Holiday activities also allow program students to contribute to others.  It is important to remember that most drug addicts are not only unhelpful to society, failing to produce well in the workforce, but are often also destructive to society, draining important resources like healthcare and police and emergency services.  Some drug addicts are even criminals in society, dealing drugs to others or even committing acts of violence or crime.  By contributing to others in helpful ways, Narconon program students are once again finding their place as helpful and valuable members of society.

How Narconon Arrowhead Students Give to Others During the Holidays

This year, Narconon Arrowhead staff and students created a drug-free float, which was presented in the McAlester Christmas Parade and the Eufaula Holiday Parade.  With dangerous new drug trends like dabbing marijuana, synthetic pot, Krokodil and Molly (ecstasy), it is more important than ever for the public, especially young people, to understand the dangers of drugs.  Being told to remain drug-free by recovering addicts can be an especially effective way to deliver this message.

The beautiful Narconon Arrowhead Christmas tree went up on December 6th, and the annual “decking the halls” party occurred on December 8th, helping to bring holiday cheer into the facility for everyone to enjoy.  To keep everyone busy and entertained, a holiday talent show was held on December 15th and was open to both staff and student performers.

Narconon Arrowhead staff and students also hosted its annual food pantry drive, collecting many generous donations of food, clothing, supplies and money to distribute to local families and organizations in need.

Even former program graduates are asked to help support current students.  This year, Narconon Arrowhead graduates are asked to write letters of encouragement to current students and donate $15 for a Christmas stocking.  The Christmas stockings help bring joy and holiday cheer to current students, and the letters of encouragement can help drive the students to push against difficulties they may be encountering during rehabilitation treatment.

Despite the fact that residents at Narconon Arrowhead are working hard to rehabilitate healthy, drug-free lives, they are yet enjoying the spirit of the holiday season.  And in the true spirit of the holidays, they are giving to others.