Graduate Never Looked Back After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

An individual who is considering rehabilitation treatment for their problems with drug and alcohol addiction probably hopes, among other things, to be free of their current life patterns and problems and to move off into a better future.  Perhaps they hope for a better career, a good marriage, children, nice possessions and other desirable things.  Where drugs have robbed them of life and wonderful sensations, rehab is hoped and expected to restore them to the joys that life can bring. It is an unfortunate fact that some individuals attend short-term rehabilitation programs that fail to fully address and resolve all of the causes, phases and effects of drug addiction and as a result the individual returns to drug use in the future.  It may be for this reason that so many individuals are wary of enrolling in rehab, but it may also be because many individuals still hold out hope that they continue to look for better rehabilitation programs. 

Narconon Arrowhead is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma that takes the time to really rehabilitate individuals for healthy, productive lives.  Done right, rehabilitation treatment should result in the individual’s renewed interest in and passion for life, and a complete change of previous life patterns for something far better.  Not only is this possible, but it occurs every year with hundreds of Narconon Arrowhead graduates.

Russ’ Story of Addiction and Recovery

One the fifth anniversary of his enrollment in the program Russ wrote a thank you letter to the Narconon Arrowhead staff, outlining his experiences with addiction, recovery through the Narconon program and his new life.

Russ feels that life and what it has to offer was restored to him the moment he took his first step on the Narconon program in March 2005, and carried through ten months later when he graduated from the program.  Russ shares his story with everyone he meets, explaining not only his problems with addiction but his success with the unique Narconon rehabilitation program.  Most people respond to Russ’ story with amazement and curiosity about Narconon.  Some of the people Russ has spoken with have even told him they benefit from his teachings, even when they have never experienced drug or alcohol addiction themselves.  Russ’ experiences have driven him to do more public speaking, reaching out to many who need help and connecting with those who have also completed the Narconon program and moved forward into happier, more productive lives.

The shock and amazement many feel in listening to Russ is well-deserved.  In March 2005, Russ was dying from alcohol poisoning and had been given three days to live.  Family and friends had gathered to say goodbye as Russ left for Narconon, probably thinking they may never see him again.  Fully rehabilitated, Russ now enjoys a wonderful relationship with his family, his daughter and his friends.  They live, laugh and enjoy each other and life.

Russ thanks the Narconon Arrowhead staff for what they do, and for always making the effort to stay in touch with him, even six or more years after he completed his treatment program. The care and support of the Narconon staff during and after treatment has been a vital part of Russ’ success, and is a critical component of this highly successful rehabilitation treatment program.  In Russ’ own words, he has never looked back on his “old” life.  The rehabilitation treatment program at Narconon Arrowhead truly changed his life, and he is grateful every day for the program, the staff, and his own perseverance to eliminate drugs from his life and learn, once again, how to live.