Drying Out From Prescription Addiction

One method of handling prescription addiction is to withdrawal or “dry out” from the drugs.  For many this is in the state of a medical detox where they wind down with substitute drugs or just stop “cold turkey” and experience withdrawal symptoms for several days.

The drying out process is short but the most difficult step is what happens after this. Left unhandled, the person will crave drugs and those cravings are a catalyst to relapse.

When a person consumes the drug, the body recognizes it as a poison and fights to get rid of it. The unfortunate matter is that the body cannot get rid of the entire drug without a more comprehensive detox. Tiny drug residuals are left behind and bond to the fatty tissues of your body.  One can really only achieve complete drug withdrawal through a detox program that will get rid of all drug residuals that are left behind once the drug has been consumed. This will enable a person to no longer experience physical drug cravings.

This is done by sweating out the residues in a dry heat sauna. This program would also use a very strict vitamin regimen, plenty of water and a healthy diet. A doctor’s approval would be needed to enroll in the detox to begin with.

Once this is complete the individual will need to address the mental and emotional aspects of their addiction. Without handling these issues a person can experience ‘emotional triggers’ on a daily basis. These triggers will take over a person’s mind and basically coax a person into using the drug. It will be very tough for a person to continue to stay drug free unless they handle these triggers.

Handling the mental aspect of the problem is learning how to deal with daily life problems once again without turning to prescriptions. With these types of drugs it can be very easy to relapse because they are very available for users. But the idea is to receive treatment by doing the above so one is not left without skills to solve the problem of addiction.

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