Creating NEW LIFE For Real People

“I came here 8 months ago with a drug history of more than ten years. This was my last hope and the last hope of my family for me. What I found here was the answer to a wasted and hopeless existence on drugs. I found a technology which really does work. But more than that, I found people who believe that addicts like myself could be helped and really could become creative and productive citizens again. I also found out that there are others out there who believe the same thing, people who contributed not only money but also their belief in people like me.

  After I graduated from the program, I stayed on for a while to work in the Print Shop where I was able to work in the graphic arts department and do what I love the most — art. I also found a wonderful lady to spend the rest of my life with. I want to somehow try to express my thanks and gratitude in the way I can do it best, through my art. I have prepared a special illustration for Narconon Arrowhead with the help of the Print Shop, this small gift could never equal what the Narconon program has done for me and many many others, but maybe it can serve as a reminder to Narconon staff and students each day that they are creating NEW LIFE for real people like me. Most of all, I hope that each time someone looks at it they will know how much Narconon Arrowhead is appreciated by me and my family.”

  Doug B.
  Narconon Arrowhead Graduate