Common Questions Kids Ask About Drugs

This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions by kids after a presentation. This should give parents a valuable insight as to what kids want to know about. The answers are given to provide parents with information they can use to talk to kids about drugs.

Q) “Do drugs ruin your memory?”
A) Yes. When a person takes drugs the pictures recorded in their mind at that point in time are fuzzy or foggy or even blank. Some drugs scramble the sequence of pictures in the mind, making it hard to remember something that happened in the past.
Q) “If drugs are so bad, why do people sell them?”
A) Greed. Drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry and some people care more about themselves and money then they do about others.
Q) “If my mother or father have a drink, will it hurt them?”
A) To say that something is all bad would be silly. For instance, it has been said that a very small amount of alcohol helps blood circulation and food digestion. But many believe that it is better not to drink at all because a problem with alcohol may develop and often does with many people.
Q) “What is the worst drug?”
A) A drug called LSD (or acid). LSD scrambles the pictures in the mind which can be very difficult to overcome and affects the person for a very long time.
Q) “How do people get addicted to drugs?”
A) Drugs kill all types of pain: physical, emotional, mental. When the drug wears off the pain comes back stronger. The person doesn’t notice the difference, but needs more drugs to kill the pain. The more he takes, the more he wants. Until finally he doesn’t just want the drug, he needs it to get rid of the pain created by the drug.
Q) “I heard that marijuana makes you more creative, is that true?”
A) No. It appears to the drug user that he’s more creative because he feels more open about things, especially the first few times he uses the drug. Drugs are basically poisons, and they have been proven to kill creativity.
Q) “If alcohol is so bad, why do so many people use it?”
A) One reason is advertising. The alcohol industry has been around a long time. There is an enormous amount of money being made from the sale of alcohol and these sales are promoted through advertising. The beer commercials are some of the most expensive ones.
Q) “Are drugs expensive?”
A) Yes. Besides the possibility of dying from taking them, we have known people who have spent over one-half of a million dollars on drugs.
Q) “Do men use drugs more than women?”
A) It’s about the same. Men, women, young, old, rich and poor. All kinds of people have problems with drugs.

“Today we learned how bad drugs are for you. Marijuana never seemed like such a big deal to me, but now I see the problems that it causes. Drugs are always around. You never really know the problems they cause by the way people talk about them.” – A.S.

“Having drug education would prevent me from having brain damage from drugs and prevent me from dying.” – Nicole