Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that takes over and destroys lives. Users who are dependent on cocaine tend to put everything they have into their own abuse. Addicts have gone as far as selling their children in order to obtain more cocaine. People do not intend on becoming entirely dependent on cocaine, moreover they just wanted to enjoy themselves for a certain interval of time, but soon find themselves unable to quench their thirst for the drug.

Lethal doses of cocaine vary. Some people can overdose at much smallr amounts than other people. The amount and way in which the drug is ingested by the body also determines how long the high will last. Smoking crack cocaine would lead to much different results than just using cocaine in its pure form. A crack high takes place almost immediately, whereas cocaine takes about 30 minutes. Cocaine’s high will last from usually about 15-45 minutes, and crack’s remains short only 10-20 minutes typically.

Cocaine has been one of the number one causes of emergency room visits. There are many different reasons of how or why someone visited due to cocaine. Cocaine is very expensive and is often referred to, and known as the “caviar of street drugs”.  This drug is often cut to make money and sell more products, making a profitable way for dealers to make extra money. Big name people that have money and power are often associated with this drug, such as; celebrities, rich business men, and drug lords.

Cocaine addicts tend to like the high they get from cocaine:

  •  Increased energy and alertness
  •  Elevated mood
  •  Feeling on top of the world

After an addict comes off og the high they may often feel:

  •  Irritability
  •  Paranoia
  •  Restlessness
  •  Anxiety

A way to tell if someone is on cocaine:

  • Dilated pupils
  • High levels of energy and activity
  • Excited and repetitive speech

Knowing the phenomena of cocaine is very important to be able to locate addicts and be aware of what they are doing. Their addiction becomes something uncontrolled and becomes secondary to nothing.

Cocaine is harmful to every single organ in the body, and although the euphoria of this drug may seem good, it leaves a person lower than they were before they first took the drug. Cocaine increases the blood pressure in the heart while constricting the arteries that supply it with blood; therefore the heart is putting out more than it is taking in. This can result in a heart attack, heart disease, or arrhythmia. Blood vassals in the brain can be constricted. This can cause strokes, seizures, and violent behavior. One of the most popular ways to use cocaine is to snort it through the nasal cavity, and this damages the sinuses. The second most popular way to use cocaine, smoking crack damages a person’s lungs.

Some painful and permanent long term effects of cocaine can be anything from a deviated septum to stomach and mouth ulcers. People can develop a condition after smoking crack known as “crack lung”. This is something that cocaine addicts may over look, and they do not realize it is something that could stick with them for the rest of their life. Many people know what could happen with continued use of cocaine, but they are unable stop their addiction. The aftermath can often affect them for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, kids are targeted for drug abuse, and the older they become the more they will be presented with drug influences. It has been proven that the more education a young person has about drugs and their effects, the less likely they are to use drugs. A lot of education is left out from children. Educators prefer to not even make these children aware for fear that they will seek it out. Every person at some point in their life comes across a dealer of some drug or another, and they need to know what they are getting themselves into. Drug dealers sugar coat everything, and make the life of drugs seem all glamorous, but any individual can go to any “low” end of town, and drugs will typically be involved there.

Drugs can be found within a majority of the poverty stricken in the world. People who once had goals changed into someone who only desired to get more drugs. That is how addiction is a vicious cycle that takes amazing strength to overcome physically and mentally, but drugs can be overcome.

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