5 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Couple fightingOne big part of the Narconon program is allowing one to examine relationships in his or her life. Through a course called The Ups and Downs in Life one can address strained relationships and even rectify those that they have had problems with for years and may even had led them down the road to addiction and drug abuse. However, with addiction the addict himself can creating the toxicity in a relationship; making life hard for everyone around him.

A toxic relationship is one that has a individual feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unconformable on a regular basis. Being drained and anxious are other tell-tale symptoms of this type of relationship. Instead of the person building you up and making you feel good about yourself, they break you down in both subtle and non-subtle ways. The fact is that a toxic relationship can exist between any pairing of people, from co-workers, siblings and parents. However, the most common instances of toxic relationships exist between those that are involved in a romantic relationship. This is also when these types of problems are the most difficult to recognize.

5 Signs of A Toxic Relationship

Here are five classic signs that you are involved in a toxic relationship.

Number 1: The way you feel around the person.

Do you become anxious when you think about having an interaction with this person, or experience an actual physical reaction, such as a stomachache or a feeling that you are unsafe? Also, do you feel drained physically and emotionally after your encounter with this person?

Number 2: Recovery time is needed after an interaction or encounter with a person.

After you interact with a person do you feel that you need to eat, sleep, drink or even do drugs to feel better? Are drugs a go to for having an interaction with that person? If you have to use a vice, such as drug abuse, to deal with a person chances are this is a toxic relationship.

Number 3: You have found it difficult, if not impossible to remove yourself from the toxic relationship.

This is because you can become addicted to getting validation, love and approval from the person that you have this relationship with. This is enhanced if you mix the abuse of drugs in with the toxic relationship. The combination of these two addictions can be impossible to break without intervention from a third party counselor or addiction treatment facility.

Number 4: There are efforts made by the other person to remove any contact you have with family and friends.

This will create an environment where one person is completely dependent on another for emotional, physical and financial needs. If this includes a drug addiction, this dependency can become impossible to break.

Number 5: There is the presence of neglect or abuse in the areas of verbal, emotional, sexual, mental or physical.

There are not limitations to where a toxic relationship may appear. They are also not limited to a specific demographic. If you notice your partner exhibit any signs of abuse, of any type, it may be a clear indication that your relationship has, or is going to, turn toxic.

Building Healthy Relationships

A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, as well as open communication. If these factors are not present, or sought, it is a clear sign that your relationship may be destined to fail. If the use of drug abuse is added to the mix, this can enhance the chances of the relationship in question to turning toxic. This is mainly because with drug abuse comes dependency. This dependency can spread to another person, who may be the source of the drugs, as well. Your best bet is to stay away from this type of relationships altogether.

A toxic relationship does not mean that you are stuck permanently. It is important to seek professional assistance, especially cases where illicit drugs are in use, as the addiction in the relationship can put a more complex spin on effective treatment.