5 Benefits of Alcohol Drug Rehabs

alcohol drugsRehabilitation centers can be made to look like ineffective centers by the media because of the celebrities who frequent then without any apparent change. It could make one question why we continue to use them and if there is a better option out there. What the media fails to publish, however, is the extremely beneficial effects that alcohol and drug rehab centers have and the necessity of them to get people off drugs and help prevent new addicts.

Rehab Centers Save Lives

Simply put, rehabilitation centers save lives. They not only prevent people from overdosing or committing suicide, they also help to get addicts off drugs and integrated back into communities. A policy published by the Office of National Drug  Control states that:

“…A brief motivational intervention appears to facilitate abstinence from heroin and cocaine use at a 6-month follow-up interview, even in the absence of specialty addiction treatment. Further, reducing the time and resources needed to treat conditions caused or worsened by substance use….”

Healthcare Costs Decrease with Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

At first glance, it might not make sense how healthcare costs can decrease with drug and alcohol rehab centers. However, with these centers it is possible to treat drug abusers early in their addiction. By treating them early in their addiction, there will likely not be an emergency visit to the hospital where healthcare costs are high to save the abuser’s life.

Rehab Centers put Your Tax Dollars to Better Use

When the government is able to focus less funds on healthcare related to drug abuse, they are able to find uses that more directly effect society. They’re able to allot more money to public schools and libraries. They’re able to allot more money to get the potholes filled in on your street and the holiday decorating crew in downtown. All in all, the less emergency drug related cases there are, the more funds there will be for other well needed government funded activities.

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Treatments Offered at Rehabilitation Centers  

When a person is cured from their drug addiction, they will be able to re-enter society and help to build our economy. An addict who needs drugs usually does not participate in paying taxes or investing in programs that will improve society. They are usually focused on finding or steeling enough money to get their next batch of drugs to fuel their addiction. Then, if and when they have an overdose or they are arrested for their activities, the sober citizen’s hard earned tax dollars will be spent on their correctional treatment and care in hospitals and prisons. A policy published by the Office of National Drug  Control the statistic that :

“Medical costs for people in treatment were $311 lower per month than for those who needed but did not receive treatment, and state hospital expenses  for those in treatment were lower in comparison by $48 per month.”

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Increases Productivity

Drugs and alcohol numb the senses and make it hard for one to concentrate very hard on any task given. Their entire effort will never be put into their work. They could be described as being “not really there” and totally “zoned out.” Without their full attention the job at hand will take longer and possibly not be done up to the level required for any business.

By eliminating drug and alcohol addiction from society through rehabilitation centers, everybody wins. Not only will those who can now re-enter society with clear minds and a fresh start, the rest of society can sleep happier at night knowing that their hard earned tax dollars are going towards something that will make the world a better place.